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Roaming Charges to be Abolished in June

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roaming charges

Roaming charges will soon be a thing of the past, according to the Luxembourg Institute for Regulatory Affairs (ILR), who said that they will cease on 15 June. 

Between now and then, a phase-out period will apply, called “Roam like at Home Plus” (RLAH+).

After 15 June, the cost of making a call, sending a text or using mobile internet while abroad will be the same as it is at home subject to fair-use limits. 

In the meantime, users will continue to pay an excess on calls made while outside of their contract jurisdiction. The ILR said that excess charges for calls, texts and data in another EU country are, however, capped and should not exceed the rates applicable since July 2014, i.e. 19¢ per minute for calls, 6¢ per text and 20¢ per minute of data use.

The tariff schedule and details are available at the following link: 

Image: Wikimedia. © Garry Knight

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