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A conference on European security strategy in the early Cold War period, investigating these and other related questions by re-examining the relationships between the US and Europe and the role that developments in the early Cold War period played in the European integration movement.

The event is hosted in coordination with the University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History and funded by the FNR. 

The conference will start at 09:30 on Thursday 30 March in the University of Luxembourg in the room Black Box in the Maison des Sciences Humaines, 11, Porte des Sciences, 4366 Esch-sur-Alzette.


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Answering questions such as: which subject suits me? what course of study offers me internships and good job prospects? and where can I complete my foreign compulsory semester? the University of Luxembourg open day also aims to provide a general introduction to the university. 

Professors and lecturers will be there to present more than 55 undergraduate and master study programs as well as the attractive training and further education programs. Those interested receive continuous personal advice from professors, study advisors, students and staff from the University of Luxembourg. 

The Open Day of the University of Luxembourg starts at 09:00 on 1 April on Campus Belval in the "Maison du Savoir" (2, avenue de l'Université, 4365 Esch-sur-Alzette).

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Bringing together some thirty speakers from all over the EU, representing a range of fields including law, economics, political philosophy, sociology, geography and international relations, this international seminar, organised in connection with the RESuME project, will aim to shed new light on the expression of competitiveness in Europe through an interdisciplinary analysis of the changing relationships between market, state and society in the European Union.

The seminar will be held at 08:45 on Wednesday 29 March, in the room Black Box in the Maison des Sciences Humaines, 11, Porte des Sciences, 4366 Esch-sur-Alzette.


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Established by the law of 27 July 1997, the Constitutional Court celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. During a symposium to take stock and ask about its future prospects, the first session is reserved for the assessment of the Constitutional Court that the speakers will approach  from jurisprudential, relational and institutional points of view. 

To the extent that the Court's outlook remains uncertain, the second session is devoted to a debate on the respective merits of a reform of the present Court or its replacement by a future Supreme Court. The two sessions are followed by an open discussion with the participants. 

The symposium starts at 09:00 on Friday 31 March at the Judicial City, Common Building BC 1st Floor, 2080 Luxembourg.


Luxembourg’s funfair, the Schueberfouer is coming back, for the 677th time, and so too is the competition to produce the backdrop for the advertising poster to promote it. The winning image, painting, graphic or design will be used as the main visual for the communication campaign for the funfair which will run from 23 August to 11 September this year.

The competition is open to any natural person residing in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the technique used may be in fields as diverse as photography, painting or graphics.

Projects must be submitted before 18 April 2017 at the Communication and Public Relations Department of the City of Luxembourg, Petit Passage, 9 rue Chimay, 5th floor, L-2090 Luxembourg. Proof of delivery will be required. 

A jury, appointed by the College of Mayor and Aldermen, will select the winning projects and award the prizes of €1,000, €500 and €250 for the three best. More information is available on the Schueberfouer website:


Wednesday, 22 March 2017 19:18

Sanne Nominated for Industry Award

sanne siobhan crick

Global outsourced alternative asset and corporate administration and reporting services provider, Sanne Group Plc, has been shortlisted for the Trust Company of the Year category for the 2017 Citywealth Magic Circle Awards, one of the financial sector’s most prestigious awards. 

Siobhan Crick, a director in Sanne’s private client business, has also been named as a finalist in the ‘Trustee of the Year’ category for the annual awards. 

The nominations come after a period of sustained growth for Sanne, which has acquired businesses in five new jurisdictions and seen staff levels increase by two thirds.

Phil Le Vesconte, head of private clients, was delighted by the news. “As a business, Sanne is delighted to be on the shortlist. Such recognition is a tribute to the Sanne team’s expertise and hard work on behalf of our clients.”

He added, “Siobhan’s shortlisting as trustee of the year is richly deserved. She is a highly experienced professional, delivering bespoke solutions for individuals and families, and has more than 20 years of industry experience.

“This latest recognition for Siobhan also comes after she was named on the Citywealth IFC Powerwomen Top 200 list of 2016 and 2017.”

The winners of the awards will be announced on 10 May. Finalists were chosen by a judging panel featuring 10 global industry experts. All voting is online:, and closes on Friday, 21 April 2017.

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In his lecture “How to Build a Billion Dollar Company” Raphael Nave illustrates the process of innovation and entrepreneurship as well as interactions with the eco-system that have lead others into billion dollar territory based on the example of the medical technology company Given Imaging, the presentation will start with the ‘unmet need’ in the healthcare domain, and continue with the ‘meeting of the minds’ of physician and engineer that lead to inventions and the interesting road to success. Given Imaging is now the world leader in capsule endoscopy and was sold to Medtronic for $1 billion. 

The lecture will take place at 17:30 on Monday 27 March at the University of Luxembourg, in Room 3.110 in the Maison du Savoir at  Campus Belval, 2, Avenue de l'Université, 4365 Esch-sur-Alzette.


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52 people were welcomed to Luxembourg today and yesterday, 23 adults and 29 children who have been relocated here from Greece under international asylum provisions, according to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. 

Following the decisions taken by the Justice and Home Affairs Council in September 2015, and under the Dublin relocation mechanism, Luxembourg will host a total of 557 people from Greece, Italy and the rest of the world by the end of 2017. 

The Minstry said that Luxembourg is determined to ensure that this mechanism works and continues its commitments.

The group arriving this week is the sixth such group to be relocated from Greece, bringing the number received so far up to 217, out of a total of 309 that has been committed to, while 61 of 248 have thus far been relocated from Italy.

Representatives of the Directorate of Immigration of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, the Luxembourg Office for Hospitality and Integration (OLAI), administration under the Ministry of Family and Integration, and Of the Health Branch welcomed the group at Luxembourg Airport.

The OLAI will take care of the reception and social support for these people and will support them in their approaches to everyday life while their requests for international protection are processed.

Applicants for international protection relocated from Greece and Italy go through the asylum procedure as provided for by the Law of 18 December 2015 on international protection and temporary protection.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017 17:08

Fashion Bloggers Second Hand Charity Sale

second hand for sale

A fashion sale with a twist. Who knows better what’s the best that can be found whether on the cat walks or the high street than dedicated fashion bloggers, and they’re offering some of their hard-sought after treasures for a charity fashion sale in aid of Télévie, an organisation that raises funds for research to support the fight against adult and childhood leukaemia and cancers. 

This is a great opportunity to find out more, buy more, pick up some styling tips and discover some of the Grand Duchy’s fashionistas, including: 

Imena Gina
Monika Sakalauskaite Nancy Wendt
Sara Weißenfeld
Anna Seyser
Carmen Baustert
Anne Faber
Lise Lundqvist

The sale will be at Second Hand for Sale, 59 Rue du Dix Octobre, from 18:30 on 30 March. 30% of proceeds will be donated to Télévie. 

 For more information, email: 


police drugsseizure

After several months of investigation, Luxembourg customs and excise administration are questioning four people who were suspected of selling drugs across the south of the Grand Duchy. 

Six house searches were carried out in the course of the final investigation, from which a little more than 1.2 kilos of marijuana, 11 grams of cocaine, several thousand euros, two vehicles and some mobile phones were confiscated.

Files are being prepared on three of the four suspects. 

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