Thursday, 16 March 2017 21:27

AMCHAM to Address Blockchain at April ABAL Luncheon

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AMCHAM Luxembourg has announced that its April ABAL Luncheon will be held on Monday 3 April 2017 at 12:00 at the Légère Hotel Luxembourg in Munsbach (11 Rue Gabriel Lippmann, Parc d'activité Syrdall) on the topic of "Blockchain - From Proof of Concept to Operations".

First Bitcoins and now Blockchain! Did you know that both are powered by the same thing...a revolutionary technology which will significantly change the way we do business online? Marco Houwen will explain in non-technical language all about how this works and how it will change our lives in the future.

Marco is a passionate Entrepreneur / “Blockchain and Cloud” Evangelist. Before getting involved in the thrilling Virtual Currencies and Blockchain industry, Marco founded LuxCloud S.A. in 2010, a  market leading provider of cloud service brokerage enablement. Prior to that in 2000, Marco co-founded Datacenter Luxembourg S.A., now recognised as one of the biggest Internet success stories in Luxembourg. Marco also co-founded EuroDNS, e-Brand Services, VoipGate and other ventures. Marco successfully launched the cross-industry initiative LU-CIX and has the honour to serve as Chairman of LU-CIX A.s.b.l. As such he contributes actively on the construction and promotion of the Luxembourgish internet eco-system.

Cost: €50. To attend, please register at

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