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AMCHAM's ICC Initiative Receives Support from Docler Holding

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One of the key ICT players in Luxembourg, Docler Holding, has now joined forces with AMCHAM, the American Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg, to assist expatriates and their families by supporting them on the local employment market; AMCHAM is following its top mission of taking action against rising social demands by welcoming newcomers, including students, to the region and offering vocational training to them.

Docler Holding, a long-term sponsor of AMCHAM, continues to showcase its enthusiasm for the local market by investing in numerous social projects throughout Luxembourg. In addition to the programme launched by the International Community of Luxembourg (INTCOMLUX) 4 years ago (providing regular language lessons in Luxembourgish, French, German, English and Portuguese), AMCHAM is now keeping the dream alive by creating an International Community Center (ICC) in Bonnevoie. AMCHAM’s vision and goal is to offer language and training courses to the unemployed as well as training in languages, IT and various other industries for post-graduate students. These benefits would also be available to any international students enrolled in the Luxembourgish school system and a whole host of evening classes will start for currently employed people who are looking to develop further professionally.

The ICC has been created following inclusion as a motto and will follow a concept of communities supporting communities. Luxembourg has a proportion of foreigners of more than 46% so it is key for the ICC to enhance integration through bridge building between communities. The centre is also a door open to everyone to ensure independence and empowering people to be the best they can and want to be.

Ensuring a long-term support

So far, 33 computers and accompanying desks have been donated, to fully equip the new centre. Docler Holding has thus offered great support to enable this incredibly important project to develop. Marton Fulop, COO of Docler Holding, said “With over 23 different nationalities in our office in Luxembourg, diversity is essential for our development.. We are looking for experts around the world, and we guarantee that, in Luxembourg, families will find a place to settle and grow. Through the ICC project, we can help both foreigners and students to get a foot in the door.”

This project emphasises our goal of building communities supporting communities. We are convinced of the need and deeply thankful for the first support we have received from certain companies and asbls. This support already set the major milestones of our journey in making this dream a reality,” stated Paul Schonenberg, Chairman and CEO of AMCHAM.

The ICC is located at 7-9 Route de Thionville, L-2611 Luxembourg, tel: 2060-0690 / 691-849195 or email:

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