The Grand Ducal Police have reported that a fairground booth has been confiscated, as well as the owner's car, as it had been parked on a public street for more than a month, which is against the law here in Luxembourg.

The police had been aware since the end of December that a fairground booth had been parked on the rue de Noertzange in Kayl in a carpark near the motorway slip road. The shooting range had also been reported to the police by pedestrians. The police noticed the vehicle had no registration plates. For security issues, the police informed the public prosecutor who ordered its removal. In doing so, the police were required to open the vehicle whereupon they retrieved the vehicle's registration papers from which they were able to identify the owner and would then be able to contact him/her.
The police also discovered a number of air rifles inside the vehicle; these were also confiscated.

Article 10 of the road traffic law of 26 January 2016 states that a vehicle is considered abandoned, when it is parked or parked for more than 1 consecutive month in the same place on a public road, and if its owner was not able to be contacted by the members of the Grand Ducal police, or did not obey an order to move it. This period may be reduced to eight days when the public road in question is a national road located outside a built-up area or a highway, or that the vehicle is immobilised within the enclosure of a technical control centre.