The most recent weather review from MeteoLux has shown that winter 2017/18 was humid and moderately sunny, with higher temperatures than average in Luxembourg.

This past winter, temperatures were slightly above the 1981-2010 long-term average. Consequently, January 2018 was found to be the second mildest January ever recorded in the station’s history since 1947.

Moreover, the total rainfall for the winter period 2017/2018 was 276.8 l/m2, or about 23% at the end of January 2018- above the 1981-2010 long-term average of 226 l/m2). The month of January 2018 (142.9 l/m²) was around 87% higher than the reference period 1981-2010 (76.6 l/m2), making it the fifth wettest January in Luxembourg history.

Finally, long-term averages (1981-2010) have shown that 175 hours of sunshine are expected during winter. Meanwhile, the winter of 2017/2018 was moderately sunny with 174.3 hours of sunshine, which is roughly equivalent to the reference period. The month of December 2017 was, however, found to be the third least sunny December since 1947.