Luxembourg population tops 600k; Credit: Statec

Luxembourg's national statistics office, Statec, has announced that the threshold of 600,000 inhabitants in the Grand Duchy was exceeded on 1 January 2018.

In 2017, the population of Luxembourg increased by 11,338 people so that as of 1 January 2018, a total of 602,005 inhabitants were residing in Luxembourg. This increase is mainly due to net immigration.

48% of the inhabitants do not have Luxembourg nationality.

During 2017, Luxembourg experienced a natural balance (births - deaths) of 1,911, and a net migration (arrivals - departures) of 10,548.

Note: there is also a statistical adjustment of -1,121, consisting of a computer adjustment by the National Register of Physical Persons.

Foreigners younger than Luxembourgers

As of 1 January 2018, the average age of the population is 40.1 years for women and 38.6 years for men. Foreign inhabitants are significantly younger than Luxembourgers. The average age for Luxembourgish women is 42.8 years against 37.0 years for foreign women. For Luxembourg men the average age is 40.3 years against 36.9 years for foreign men. By superimposing the age pyramid of foreigners and Luxembourgers, the share of foreigners decreases between 0 and 20 years (49.1% foreigners in 0-4 years and 38.0% in 2024 years). Then, for the 30 to 49 age groups, the foreign population is overrepresented compared to the Luxembourg population. After the age of 50, the share of the foreign population decreases and becomes very low at very high ages (28.4% of foreigners from the age of 65 and only 18.4% from the age of 90).

Weddings up, divorces down

Marriages, which had decreased in 2016, are increasing again. Their number increased from 1,884 in 2016 to 1,908 in 2017 (+ 1.3%). Among these marriages, 42 were contracted between two people of the same sex: 23 between two men and 19 between two women. After a rebound in 2014, the decline in the number of divorces continues from 1,241 divorces in 2016 to 1,121 in 2017 (-9.7%).​