Inauguration of new theatre space and bookstore with Luxembourg City Mayor Lydie Polfer; Credit: VdL

A new space at the Théâtre des Capucins has opened after one year of construction costing a total of €370,000.

In an attempt to improve the functionality of and what’s on offer at the Théâtre des Capucins, the Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg implemented an analysis of different ideas regarding the transformation of the three premises of the theatre open to the public.

These renovation plans focused on the organisation of space in the theatre, namely of the ground floor, the main entrance and the cloakroom, the former ticket office and on the old bar premises on the first floor.

Transformations carried out within the framework of this project subsequently involved the demolition of the existing but no longer in use freight elevator, the space available for changing rooms and the replacement of existing countertop with more contemporary furnishing, all on the ground floor.

Regarding the main entrance to the theatre and cloakroom, renovations included its transformation into a place of meeting and relaxation with a bookshop specialising in the culture sector. The bookshop is open to the public and the opening hours will be independent of the theatre sessions.

As for the reorganisation of the theatre’s former refreshment room, the area has been turned into a multipurpose room for the needs of the Théâtre des Capucins. This room will be used in a flexible way, allowing beyond theatrical rehearsals also to organise small events with a maximum capacity of 49 people. Moreover, new special lighting equipment has been installed for the staging of the performing artists, as well as a small bar cabinet.

The concept behind the design of the theatre’s new interior layouts was to create them from the materials already present, including the red-brown wood veneer of the French walnut or the American cherry tree, the metallic elements in dark grey and light grey plaster. While the entrance area still has a clear background atmosphere for first friendly encounters at a theatre party, the background atmosphere of the other two rooms is darker and allows for focus on the shows.

The first phase of renovations began at the start of September 2016 with the demolition of floors and partitions in the former bar on the first floor and in the old ticket office on the ground floor, along with the demolition of the old freight elevator. The second phase, which took place between March and June 2017, saw the development of the new multipurpose room on the first floor. Finally, the third phase from July to September 2017 saw the development of new the changing rooms and new store.

Construction on the site ended on 26 September 2017, having cost €370,000 (including fees and taxes), and was undertaken by the Architecture & Environment s.a., the VdL- Director of Architecture and the Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg.