Credit: MSAN

Following a gluten allergy scare, some tortilla chip products have been removed from Delhaize and Colroyt stores in Luxembourg.

The Luxembourg Food Safety Authorities have been informed by the European Commission's early warning system and the companies concerned about the recall of organic corn chips because of the unlabelled presence of gluten in the products.

The products have been marketed in Luxembourg at Delhaize and Colruyt stores. They were removed from the sale but much of it was already sold.

For this reason, the Food Safety Authorities have recommended that consumers who have a gluten intolerance no longer consume the following products, and bring them back to the point of sale, where they will be refunded:

Boni Selection Bio’s Tortilla Rolls à la tomate, expiration date: 29/05/2018 ;

Delhaize Bio’s Tortilla chips chili bio, expiration date: 28/05/2018 and 29/05/2018;

Delhaize Bio’s Tortilla chips nature bio, expiration date: 27/05/2018 and 12/06/2018.

Only the products mentioned with the indicated dates are concerned. For all consumers not suffering from this allergy, the products are safe to eat.