Social Impact Conference; Credit: ULESS

Luxembourg Minister of Justice Felix Braz announced yesterday at the ULESS Social Impact Conference that amendments to the 1928 Law on Nonprofit Organisations and Foundations should be in place by the end of 2017.

More than 200 people participated in the public conference on 9 November 2017 on the theme "Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) and Societal Impact Societies (SIS)", where Minister Braz indicated that the evolution of the law relating to NPOs will focus on greater security administrative simplification, increased transparency and greater coherence.

During the conference, Nicolas Schmit, Minister of Labour, Employment and Social and Solidarity Economy gave details on the future measures that the government will take to facilitate, encourage and support the transition of the associations and/or foundations that wish to join the new SIS scheme. In order to do so, ULESS has invited its members to respond to the call for applications to the support programme run by 6zero1.

6zero1 was created at the initiative of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy, the Foundation of the Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess and the Luxembourg Union of the Social and Solidarity Economy (ULESS) with the specific aim of supporting the creation of social impact companies in Luxembourg.

Through a 12-month tailor-made support program, 6zero1 has already supported several members of ULESS throughout the process of creating, launching and developing their SIS and now they have launched another call for applications.

Any individual entrepreneur or organization in the field of social and solidarity economy wishing to create their own SIS must apply by 30 November 2017. Included in the yearlong programme is a private workspace for each social enterprise project leader along with training, individual follow-ups, consultations, finance and networking. The cost is set at €4800 excluding VAT for the whole year or €400 per month, excluding VAT.