Team Marian II: Nicolas Schuster, Julien Purrey, Thibault Le-Gac, Michael Schiebel;

At the ING Night Marathon 2017 in May, a numer of supporters of ThinkPinkLux ran to raise money for ThinkPinkLux which raised €4,374 in sponsorship towards the Marian Aldred Award supporting research at the Luxembourg Institute of Health aimed at stopping the metastasis of breast cancer.

"It's not just about the money but raising awareness of ThinkPinkLux, supporting those with cancer and promoting health. We were well represented with runners and people cheering and encouraging on the streets. We had a fantastic result with our Team Marian II coming in as the first team at the event. Great job boys and we know you will be back next year thanks to the prize of free entry at the ING 2018 Night Marathon team run. Thank you for supporting this worthwhile cause and for being part of the ThinkPinkLux @ the ING Night Marathon 2017.  Registrations are open for the ING Night Marathon 2018, places fill up quickly so if you plan to run, get some friends together for a team, or want to sponsor or donate please let us know."