(L-R): Geoff Thompson, Discover Luxembourg organiser; Sandrine Guivarch, Handicap International; Claude Briade, Handicap International;

On Thursday, G-Media sarl presented a cheque worth €750 to Handicap International in Luxembourg city centre, a donation followig the recent Discover Luxembourg event that took place in Luxembourg city on Saturday 9 September.

The donation will be used to help children with disailities to have a chance to access education. Often, due to their deficiencies, they are excluded from school. Not only doe they not receive education, but also they do not have relations with other children. Thanks to this financial support, less children will stay outside schoolyards and they can be offered a new future.

This Saturday 7 October 2017, Handicap International will be active in Luxembourg city centre, with their Shoe Pyramid on Place d'Armes from 11:00 onwards.