Being a superhero for kids in Luxembourg who may need that Superman lift to help through is the message for the traditional Caritas Challenge mobilisation and fundraising campaign this year.

Soyez des Super-héros!, or Be Superheros, is their rallying cry on behalf of kids whose lives are affected by poverty, divorce, unemployment, housing, debts and alcohol. According to global organisation, as many as one in four Luxembourgish children are at risk of falling into a poverty trap under a vicious cycle of social pressure, poor school attendance and unemployment; the kind of cycle it takes a superhero to break.

Caritas is calling on concerned individuals to do what they can to raise funds for projects dedicated to supporting at risk children, from organising sports events, cake sales, donating birthday money or opening the door to volunteers who will be calling throughout the month of May.

The donations will be used for projects for children and youth. Caritas Luxembourg has been fighting against school drop-outs for years to prevent young people from being socially excluded, supporting families in their educational role, helping to create strong family ties, and so on. This assistance and accompaniment includes anonymous telephone listening, help with homework and learning disabilities, youth homes, holiday camps, nurseries and bridges, neighbourhood work, solidarity-based volunteering, As well as temporary reception and placement in institutions, foster care or supervised housing. While some of these actions are financed by public funds, many of these are only possible with the support of private donors.

Donations can be made by online transfer on:, by transfer to the account IBAN LU34 1111 0000 2020 0000 with the mention "Caritas Challenge" or via Digicash.