On Saturday 15 July, 20 tons of aid from the "Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen e.V." organisation (Aviation Without Borders) departed Frankfurt-Hahn airport on an airliner flown by Silk Way to Iraq, containing a cargo of child care goods as well as medical equipment, for which refugees from the recently freed city of Mosul will benefit.

The city of Mosul, which has just been freed from IS terrorist control, has now received a first major relief delivery from Germany. For the first time, the Frankfurt-based relief organisation "Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen eV" used Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to transport medical equipment and childcare through the Iraqi city of Erbil to the refugee camp Hassan Sham near the city of Mosul.

"About 100,000 refugees from Mosul are currently living in Hassan Sham", reported Frank Franke, president of Aviation without Borders. He and other members of the organisation were on their own a few weeks ago to get a picture of the situation. "The situation there is staggering," reported Franke. "Medical care has collapsed completely. The food supplies are so scarce that children have to eat boiled porridge from cut-up cardboard boxes in order to have something in the stomach at all." His aid organisation had already begun sending medical goods as an example from the airport. Eleven deliveries have already been carried out, but this has always been just a few tonnes of freight.

"We are proud to have launched 20 tons of aid worth €600,000 today from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport," said the President of the Association. "This includes childcare products for 130 children, as well as an ultrasound device used to treat the injured," he said.

The goods were loaded on Saturday into a Silk Way aircraft. "The cooperation with the airline and the team at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport was a successful premiere," praised Franke. "Hahn is thus a gateway for humanitarian aid in the Middle East."