The winners of this year’s National Literary Competition in Luxembourg have been announced, with all German-language works taking the prizes.

The jury of the 2017 National Literary Competition, composed by Angelika Bräutigam, Jerome Jaminet, Ludivine Jehin, Anne-Marie Millim under the Presidency of Valerija Berdi, awarded first prize in the “adult authors” category to “Chamäleons” by Anja Di Bartolomeo, second prize to “Volk der Freien” by Bernd Marcel Gonner and third prize to “Stürze aus unterschiedlichen Fallhöhen” by Elise Schmit. Finally, “Übertragungsneurosen” by Claire Schmartz won first prize in the “young authors aged 15-25” category. This year, there were no prizes for English-language publications.

First prize winner in the category “adult authors”, the German-language book “Chamäleons” (chameleons) by Anja Di Bartolomeo is a collection of diverse, well-coordinated stories written in very clear language and in an original style, according to the judges. The stories themselves are full of subtlety, mixing drama and humour.

Second prize in the same category went to another German-language publication, Bernd Marcel Gonner’s “Volk der Freien” (people of the free). This collection of texts was praised for its complex and experimental content and linguistics, full of aesthetics and subtle poetry, enriching descriptions and literary references.

The third prize in the category was awarded to Elise Schmit’s “Stürze aus unterschiedlichen Fallhöhen” (falling from different heights), again written in German. Schmit’s use of different styles along with detailed and intimate descriptions and a certain originality are what garnered this work praise.

Regarding the “young authors” category, Claire Schmartz received first prize for her German-language book “Übertragungsneurosen” (transmission neuroses). The work was appreciated for the characterisation of its protagonists, who were depicted with great empathy, and its descriptive style and pleasant rhythm. The subjects are often depicted facing surprising turns and original perceptions, adding tension but also flow to the work.

The official presentation of the prizes will take place on Wednesday 6 December 2017 at 19:30 at the Centre national de littérature in Mersch.