A report by the Ville de Luxembourg shows that the use of bicycles has increased greatly over the last couple of years with the one million threshold of biycle trip reached last year.

Luxembourg city monitors bicycle traffic in the city from twelve strategic points: pont Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, Viaduc, rond-point Schuman, boulevard Roosevelt, avenue Marie-Thérèse, rue Godchaux, avenue du X Septembre, rue Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, rue Laurent Menager, place de la Gare, route d’Esch et rue Mersch-Wittenauer. From these twelve locations, 1,003,839 bicycle trips were recorded during 2015, representing a 8.44% increase over the year.

The measuring of bicycle traffic has shown not only the amount of traffic passing through but where more of the traffic occurs. The busiest point is at Boulevard Robert Schuman, located near the Pont Grande Duchesse Charlotte where 241,970 bicycles were recorded in 2015 showing an increase of 12.2% compared to 2014 at the spot alone.

The busiest time of year appears to be in June where the busiest day shows 1,659 bicycles ridden on the 17th of that month. June also shows a full 25.1% increase in Monday to Friday traffic compared to the same month the year before.

This rise in bicycle traffic is largely accredited to the introduction of the “vel’oh!” public bicycle rental scheme and stands that were placed around Luxembourg city in 2007 which was later expanded, in 2012. The number of subscribers has grown from the first 3,000 in 2008 to nearly 7,000 (long-term subscribers) in 2015. 50% of “vel’oh!” bicycles rented during the day are used during peak hours.

Given the increased use of bicycles in urban space and rental of bicycles, the Ville de Luxembourg will continue (in the short-term) to build infrastructure to make bicycle traffic even safer and easier. In this effort the Ville de Luxembourg is commissioning an elevator connecting the city (Pescatore) to the cycle path on Rue du Muhlenbach, via Pfaffenthal, in the spring of 2016. They will also establish new bicycle stations in order to facilitate the use of bicycles in the city and in particular between the different urban neighbourhoods.

Source Ville de Luxembourg