The opening of the symposium “The Ends of the Humanities”, organised by the University of Luxembourg and the Institut Pierre Werner (IPW), will take place on 10 September 2017 at 17:00 at the Abbey of Neumünster.

In the framework of the scientific symposium "The Ends of the Humanities", which will last from 11 -13 September 2017, there will be an opening conference this Sunday led by Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, one of the most important intellectuals of our time.

During the conference, Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht will question the precarious situation of the human sciences. He will be joined in the public debate that follows by the Luxemburger Wort’s Christophe Langenbrink, Michel Marque, Professor of Medieval History at the University of Luxembourg, and Georg Mein, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, as well as the Vice-Rector of Research and Rector of the University of Luxembourg, Ludwig Neyses.

The event will be the prologue to a three-day conference entitled The Ends of the Humanities, which will take place from 11 to 13 September at the University of Luxembourg. The symposium will see Dirk Baecker (University of Witten / Herdecke), Jürgen Fohrmann (University of Bonn), Claudine Moulin (University of Trier) and Cary Wolfe (Rice University Houston) discuss the future challenges of the humanities. The objective of this conference is to examine the social sciences' responsibility to society and how best to recognise their merits in the future.

The opening evening this Sunday will be closed with a reception.