The Luxembourg Anti-Doping Agency (ALAD) has lost its right to appeal the non-guilty verdict in the case against football player Emmanuel Françoise.

The French-born football player Emmanuel Françoise, tested positive for the banned substance terbutaline following the F91 Dudelange - CS Fola Esch championship match on 14 May 2017. The positive result was due to the use of an asthma spray containing terbutaline.

On 24 July 2017, the Disciplinary Council against Doping (CDD) decided to sanction the player with a simple reprimand, arguing that he had been confronted on the day of the match with a real medical emergency accompanied by considerable emotional stress and that the use of the drug was made only after consulting a doctor. For these reasons, he waived a suspension.

However, on 4 August 2017, the ALAD appealed against this decision to the Higher Disciplinary Council against Doping (CSDD). As of today, the CSDD have decided to drop the case due to an incomplete appeal form.