IT company CTG Luxembourg PSF has announced its joining with the Infrachain initiative as a founding member. 

The IT company CTG Luxembourg PSF has joined the Luxembourg-based Infrachain association in setting up an infrastructure that allows the transmission of information in a transparent and secure manner and without the presence of a control body.

Infrachain is a non-profit association based in the Grand Duchy which, with the support of the state, aims to promote the blockchain: a technology for storing and transmitting information without central control. The various groups which have joined the association Infrachain find an interest to think collectively about the creation of a common environment. They are aware of the importance of a secure and transparent flow of information using new, more modern transfer protocols. In this alliance, the competing groups work together, unity is essential for the good deployment of this new technology in Luxembourg. They are aware of the need to be members of this association.

By joining Infrachain, CTG Luxembourg PSF is able to bring its recognised skills in the IT field to the construction of this network. With an existing structure that makes it possible to host data that passes between the different servers, but also with a team that is able to propose new ideas and improve the service. Infrachain's goal is to deploy an application of this technology to professionals by the end of this year.