2018 marks the 100th anniversary of FEDIL, the Federation of Luxembourgish Industry.

Reflecting on its history, the federation has attributed the prosperity of industry in Luxembourg to the talented people who have been active in the organisation and in shaping society, from those working in companies to entrepreneurs.

Fedil has thus chosen the slogan "Together we are 4.0" for its centenary. This shows not just celebration of a century of existence and activities on the canvas of a turbulent history, but also of 100 years of entrepreneurial cohesion, motivation for a common cause, cooperation with their partners, and especially 100 years of complicity with and between its member companies.

The federation also used its centenary as the occasion to revamp its almost century-old magazine, the “écho des entreprises”. In addition, the launch of the online “écho” (www.fedil-echo.lu), illustrating the digitalisation of the industry, aims to highlight the sometimes still lesser known achievements of the companies and all sectors that the federation regroups. In the same vein, it has created the FEDIL Feed available on www.fedil.lu, which broadcasts members’ news.

Furthermore, at the end of the year, Fedil will publish a book written by the historian Charles Barthel, a specialist in Luxembourg's industrial history of the 19th and 20th centuries. This book will analyse the period of creation of FEDIL and will look at the challenges it posed to the industrialists and politicians of the time.

Finally, today, 25 January, marked this year’s traditional Companies’ New Year’s Reception, held in the presence of Their Royal Highnesses the Grand Duke and the Hereditary Grand Duke. Also present were Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and Hubert Védrine, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, who was a keynote speaker.