Docler Holding, the technology Group headquartered in Luxembourg, today announced the expansion of its activity portfolio due to its newly appointed Advisory Committee.

Since its inception in 2001, the Group has been developing and operating websites in the international live streaming industry and creating companies in the fields of ICT, media and entertainment.

In March 2015 the company organised, in association with Luxinnovation, a 'Pitch Your Startup' event which allowed more then ten companies the opportunity to present a three-minute pitch of their project idea, with the possibility of winning a €50,000 prize.

"It gave us the opportunity to discover some really interesting start-ups, with which we will cooperate in the future," explained CEO of Docler Holding, Karoly Papp. "As an example, we are currently working on a B2B travel portal."

Karoly went on to explain other recent actions Docler Holding has taken to enhance its content portfolio, including the acquisition of a Hungarian live streaming channel to broadcast popular music and videos, stating: "This project perfectly fits with our aim to develop more mainstream live streaming content via the creation of more diversified channels and to gather them all on a unique platform"

Docler Holding also reported its decision to expand Escalion, its own payment service system, into a full payment service provider. "This will bring 16 million financial transactions per year to Luxembourg. As the country is strongly positioning itself as the EU payment and Fintech hub, we believe this was the right place and moment to develop this activity further," added Karoly.

As part the ongoing strategy to expand its activities in Luxembourg, Docler Holding has setup an Advisory Committee to provide strategic guidance to the company in regards to its global activities and more specifically to partnerships, acquisitions and innovation. The Committee members include: Xavier Buck (Chairman of the Board, DCL Group & Serial Entrepreneur), Paul Schonenberg (Chairman and CEO of AMCHAM Luxembourg), Edouard Wangen (Chairman of the Board of LuxConnect) and Jean Diederich (President of APSI & Partner of Kurt Salmon).

“As Docler Holding continues to increase its technology driven developments, global promotion and brand recognition both locally and internationally, we are honoured to announce the formation of our Advisory Committee," stated Gyorgy Gattyan, Founder of Docler Holding. "It is also an important testimonial of our commitment to stay in Luxembourg and become an integral part of the ecosystem. "These renowned individuals bring years of business expertise coupled with strong technical experience. They will be a valuable asset in the rapid growth and corporate changes the company is currently going through."

Docler Holding also reported plans for 2016 to collaborate with major local partners to organise another “Pitch Your Start-up” contest, with the aim to attract local but also international ICT start-ups. For more information, companies can already contact:

Photo by Docler Holding (L-R:Marton Fulop, COO; Karoly Papp, CEO; Xavier Buck; Paul Schonenberg; Jean Diederich; Edouard Wangen)