On Monday 6 October 2017, trade unions met with the management of Tullet Prebon Luxembourg (brokerage firm) in the context of the announced closure of the Luxembourg offices by Tullet Prebon London.

"The objective was to start discussing the implementation of a social plan, but finally, out of the 8 scheduled meetings, the representatives of Tullet Prebon only appeared at 3 meetings, which is not acceptable and proves their lack of interest in the fate of their employees!" said Félix Walisch of ALEBA, the union for the banking sector. "We therefore had no other choice, with the support of the employees, than to contact the National Conciliation Office. The first meeting was held on Monday 6 November" he added.

The main and legitimate claim of the 14 employees, their representatives and ALEBA is that the social plan corresponds to the current and actual conditions of the financial centre, as well as to the needs of the 14 employees who are victims of this strategic decision of Tullet Prebon London.

A realistic and sufficient training budget aiming to keep the 14 employees concerned competitive in the labour market and / or to allow retraining, but also allowances related to age and seniority, with the possibility of converting these allowances in prolonged notice, are in particular the unavoidable claims of the ALEBA. "Many employees have an important seniority, up to 30 years," said Felix Walisch.

A second meeting is now scheduled for 14 November before the conciliator, and a third on Tuesday 21 November. For ALEBA, the aim is to quickly find a solution for these 14 employees, that they are in no way financially aggrieved and that they can reposition themselves as quickly as possible on the labour market.