Credit: Jazmin Campbell

The traditional “Journée des Bourgmestres” (Mayors’ Day) was underway earlier today, 29 August 2017, at the annual Schueberfouer at the Glacis in Luxembourg-Limpertsberg.

A total of 36 mayors from municipalities across the Grand Duchy served customers in the Schueberfouer’s various restaurants.

The mayors first gathered at Restaurant-Brasserie Schuman outside the Grand Theatre before splitting up and heading to their respective assigned restaurants to help serve the funfair’s customers.

Mayor of Luxembourg City, Lydie Polfer, helped out at the restaurant ‘An der Flesch’, along with the Mayor of Schuttrange, Jean-Pierre Kauffmann, and Mayor of Walferdange, Joëlle Elvinger. The other mayors were spread at restaurants throughout the annual funfair, which stands out as a highlight in the Luxembourg calendar.