Project Managers International Luxembourg Chapter and Project Managers Without Borders are hosting a special workshop and brainstorming session on 25 April dedicated to resolving flooding in the Ghanian capital of Accra that have caused chaos and casualties in the city. Part of a global initiative among PMI chapters, the organisers hope that through bringing minds and experience together, a real and lasting solution can be found. 

The Accra Flooding Initiative will be led by seasoned facilitators, with briefings and introductions provided at the start of each session, and calls on anyone with knowledge in the area of flooding, surface water handling, experience of working in sub-Saharan Africa, in a government environment or just straight-forward project management skills to participate. 

Presented and organised by PMI Lux and PMWB, and represented by Kris Troukens, Director at Large with PMWB, the Initiative brings together workshops and initiatives around the globe with a team of virtual volunteers. 

Kris has been involved with PMI for more than fifteen years in various positions around Europe.

The number of participants is limited to 40 people. It is free of charge for PMI Luxembourg Chapter members, though other participants are requested to pay a €20 fee (cash) at registration. Online preregistration is required, before 15:00 on 24 April. Participants are asked to print their tickets so their identity can be validated.   

Event agenda:

18:00 - Registration

18:30 - Introduction by PMI Chapter Luxembourg

18:40 - Introduction to the Accra Flooding Initiative

18:45 - Workshop / Brainstorming session 

20:10 - Wrap-up / Questions

20:30 - Networking / Drinks

21:00 - End of event

The PMIL/PMWB Accra Flooding Initiative will be at the Chambre des Métiers on 25 April, from 18:00 to 21:00. PDUs are offered to PMI members, both Chapter members and non-Chapter members.

To register: