L-R:Stéphane Pallage, Rector of the University of Luxembourg; Marc Hansen, Minister Delegate for Higher Education and Research; Yves Elsen, chairman of the governing council of the University of Luxembourg; Léon Diederich, first government adviser; Credit: MESR

The University of Luxembourg and the State yesterday signed a multi-year agreement in the field of medicine for the period 2018-2021.

Representatives of the State - Marc Hansen, Minister Delegate for Higher Education and Research - and the University of Luxembourg - Yves Elsen, President of the university's Governing Council, and its rector Stéphane Pallage - signed on 9 July 2018 a multi-year agreement covering teaching and research activities in the field of medicine for the next few years.

As part of this agreement, the State's financial allocation to the University of Luxembourg is set at €26.4 million for the four years covered. This amount will be added to the allocation of €766.84 million allocated to the University of Luxembourg following the signing of the establishment contract in January 2018. The additional state endowment will allow the university to develop its offer of medical studies as well as its medical research activities and contribute to the sustainability of the supply of doctors in Luxembourg.

As part of this agreement, the university will set up a first cycle of medical studies (Bachelor), starting from the academic year 2020/2021, with a focus on modern teaching concepts and in partnership with universities abroad to ensure access for graduates concerned to the second cycle of medical studies. After the establishment of the first cycle of medical studies, an evaluation of this training will be conducted to study the option of setting up a second cycle of medical studies in Luxembourg (Master).

On the basis of the Additional Protocol signed on 20 March 2018 between the Luxembourg Government and the French Government, the University of Luxembourg will conclude, by the end of 2019 at the latest, special interuniversity agreements with the universities of Lorraine, Strasbourg, Paris V and Paris VI. Every year and from 2022, a maximum of 25 medical students from the University of Luxembourg can, following the successful completion of the third year in medicine, be admitted to enrol in the first year of advanced training in medical sciences. The University of Luxembourg will also continue to offer its students, who successfully complete their first year of medical studies, the opportunity to pursue the remainder of their medical training in universities where a partnership exists.

Based on the existing activities in general medicine and research activities, the university will also develop specialised training in oncology and neurology from the academic year 2019/20. Specific training in general medicine is fully integrated into the University of Luxembourg through the creation of a specialised degree in general medicine.

In total, the State will invest €1.44 billion in public research and higher education institutions for the period from 2018-2021. The financial resources made available by the state are thus growing by €284 million euros, which corresponds to an increase of 25% compared to the period from 2014-2017.