CFL Mobility has announced that its FLEX Carsharing initiative should be operational in Luxembourg as of 6 December 2017.

Created on 21 March 2017, CFL Mobility aimed to offer a car-sharing system for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg by the end of the year. After only six months, the full subsidiary of the CFL has offered a first look at the future FLEX, which will enter in its pilot phase in early November. If the tests are conclusive, the Carsharing by CFL will start in early December 2017.

The CFL’s Carsharing system is being implemented an investment in the future of public transport, allowing public transport users to reach FLEX destinations far from the railway lines and away from buses - free of any time constraint.

The initiative will begin with the implementation of 80 available cars, which can be booked by mobile application, on the FLEX website or the FLEX hotline. The possible uses are multiple and the modalities very flexible: from a quarter of an hour to several hours. To ensure planning safety, booking a FLEX is possible a few days in advance.

CFL Mobility plans to offer the "One-Way" system shortly after the start-up phase. With this operational mode, the customer can remove the car at station A and return it to any station B - combined with the possibility of booking the car in advance.

The FLEX client card will completely replace the vehicle keys. Opening and closing of the FLEX vehicle is done exclusively by means of this card. Since the FLEX client card is a mKaart, it can also be loaded with trains and buses, contain a Chargy authorisation and access to mBox.

For the start-up phase, FLEX cars will be available at about 20 stations in Luxembourg and thus provide connections to the railway and road network of the CFLs. The stations were chosen according to the number of passengers currently using these stations, but also in the regions where the CFL has identified a great need for personal mobility, such as near industrial zones.

In terms of fees, subscriptions and packs are available at startup and can be paid by credit card. These subscriptions include the FlexBASIC, a "€0" contract with no monthly fee or flat rate where users pay only when the car is used according to the meter. There is a fee of €3 per 15 minutes and 45 cents per kilometre travelled. Another option is the FlexGOLD, intended for the regular user. For €20 per month and plus user fees. The price is €2.50 EUR per 15 minutes and 35 cents per kilometre as well as access to exclusive packs. Then there is the FlexVIP, intended for CFL and public transport subscribers who already have an annual "Joresabo" or "mPass" subscription available at €10 per month. The price of this option is the same as the FlexGOLD.

In addition, four packs are available for customers to start FLEX: the Quick Tour pack, which includes one hour drive and 20 km for €11.90 (instead of €13.90); the Shopping / Meeting Tour pack, which includes the use of the FLEX for three hours and 40 km for €19.90; the Night Tour, available from 19:00 to 00:00, which includes 50 km for €24 rather than €29); the Family Tour, which offers 6 hours of use and 60 km for €29.90. There will also be a special Welcome Tour pack available for starting FLEX, including one hour of use and 20 km for €9.90 EUR, regardless of subscription.

All packs may be used beyond the hourly quotas and distances included under the normal tariff.

Finally, Electric Mobility with FLEX CFL Mobility will invest in the development of electric terminals across the FLEX network.