Under the rubric of “the better you drive, the less you pay”, Baloise Assurances Luxembourg has introduced a new approach to insurance for young drivers with “GoodDrive” that could see premiums cut by up to 30% for those who submit to a submit to a system of in-car surveillance and are thus able to demonstrate that they are safe drivers.

Available to those who have held a licence for less than eight years, the company says that through monitoring of their speed, use, driving style and insured risk it will be able to evaluate the risk represented by young drivers who have no no-claims history and little driving experience, and who are in a category that is statistically more likely to have an accident than drivers in other age groups. 

GoodDrive also delivers personalised driving tips, games and challenges that allow drivers to continually develop their driving skills.

For more information, see their website: www.gooddrive.lu