The annual Emaischen Easter markets were held yesterday in Luxembourg city centre and in the village of Nospelt.

Easter Monday traditionally brings out the crowds to enjoy the Emaischen festival in the village of Nospelt in southern Luxembourg and in Luxembourg City’s Fish Market.

Collectors and other visitors had the opportunity to purchase peckvillercher, little ceramic bird whistles which are sold in Luxembourg one day a year. These little birds were traditionally exchanged between lovers but are now popular with anyone enjoying the Emaischen celebrations.

As well as the traditional bird form, potters have now added to their range of purchasable ceramics, from cats, ducks and frogs to casserole dishes.

In addition, food and drink stalls served sausages and chips, crepes, churros, waffles and ice cream.

Luxembourg City also came alive with live sets of band music, with one of the bands performing throughout the day outside the National History and Art Museum (MNHA). Young children played along with their newly bought peckvillercher.

Nospelt’s traditional Emaischen market experienced similar crowds and entertainment.

Photos by Jazmin Campbell