Luxembourg’s curling teams are brushing up on their game skills ahead of the 42nd Friendly Cup at the Curling Club Letzebuerg this 21 to 23 April featuring fourteen teams from across Europe, all of whom will be aiming to take the winner’s cup away from last year’s winning team, Luxembourg-Hansen.

They won’t be there this year, but Luxembourg is well represented with Karn’boys — Marco Etienne, Karen Wauters, François Panunzi and Frank Yünlü — Remnants — Dan Kelly, Gregor Graham, Claude Schweitzer, Barry Foulds — Schwyletz — a joint Swiss/Luxembourg team including Alex and Susi Benoy — and, Broombastic — a joint German/Luxembourg team including Jörg Moeser and Yves Sieradzki.

The schedule for the matches is reproduced below. Entrance for spectators is free and the VIP-balcony stand with a good view of the two playing fields will also be permanently open.

Friday Matches:
10.15 Rink A: CHARLEVILLE (fra) mathey vs. REMNANTS (lux,sco,eng) kelly
  Rink B C.BAMSE ERFURT (ger) holzfuss vs. SCHWYLETZ (sui,lux) stauffer

12.00 Rink A MANNHEIM (ger) kühlwein vs. KARN’ BOYS (lux,can,ger) étienne
  Rink B CURLY BEAVERS (can,gre) moon vs. ROYAL BLUE (ned) vantschip 

13.45 Rink A winners 10.15
  Rink B losers 10.15

15.30 Rink A losers 12.00
  Rink B winners 12.00

17.30 Rink A VIRY BAD CURL (fra) naquin vs. KöLN (ger,usa) weber
  Rink B VIRY DAMES (fra) tatiana vs. BROOMBASTIC (lux, ger,fin) moeser

19.15 Rink A BESANçON (fra) pernin vs. DRYTECH (sui) camenzind
  Rink B KöLN (ger,usa) weber vs. BROOMBASTIC (lux, ger, fin) moeser 

21.00 Rink A VIRY DAMES(fra) tatiana vs. DRYTECH (sui) camenzind
  Rink B BESANçON (fra) pernin vs. VIRY BAD CURL (fra) naquin

22.30 end of the day

Saturday Matches:
9.15 Rink A 1 vs. 2 Rink B 3 vs. 4

11.15 Rink A 5 vs. 6 Rink B 7 vs. 8

13.45 Rink A 9 vs.10 Rink B 11 vs. 12

15.45 Rink A 13 vs. 14

17.45 Curling end of the day and new ranking!

19.00 Come as you are-evening at BigBeerCompany at Rives de Clausen (

Sunday Matches:
08.30 Rink A 13 vs. 14

10.30 Rink A 9 vs. 10 Rink B 11 vs. 12

13.00 Rink A 5 vs. 6 Rink B 7 vs. 8

13.30 Silver-Prize-giving

15.00 Rink A 1 vs. 2 (closed) Rink B 3 vs. 4


Image: Alex Benoy, Claude Schweitzer, Dan Kelly, Susi Benoy are on the line-up for this weekend's Friendly Cup