On Thursday 13 July 2017 at 11:00, the traditional "Street Cup" football will be held on the multisports field of the Odendahl park, in Rue Vauban, Pfaffenthal.

The annual Street Cup football tournament, organised by the "Service streetwork" of the Ville de Luxembourg (VdL), will kick off tomorrow in collaboration with Caritas for young people and families, Caritas accueil et solidarité, Luxembourg Red Cross, Asti asbl and Inter-actions asbl.

The Street Cup is a meeting place that promotes the practice of sport and its benefits such as respect, social inclusion, cohesion and sharing.

This year, the event will be marked by "fair play". The winner of the tournament will not be the winner of the final, but the team that has demonstrated respectful sports behaviour towards others. As such, points will be awarded based on verbal and body behaviour and on “team spirit”.

12 teams, composed of employees and clients of streetworkers, will compete in the multi-sport field of the Odendahl park. The teams will consist of people from streetworker tours in the different neighbourhoods and some social services with which the "Service Streetwork" works on a regular basis. These associations and actors include the Hariko of the Luxembourg Red Cross, young people, political refugees, various youth centres, the Abrisud, Théistuff of the Foyer Ulysse and the Creamisu.

Admission is free for spectators and catering is available throughout the day.