The fourth Trienniale Jeune Creation for Luxembourg and the Greater Region is taking place from 30 June to 27 August 2017 at Rotondes.

The Triennale strives to establish the "stage" of young contemporary creation in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. Designed as a major event and a platform for emerging artists, it participates in the intellectual emulation of the territory and the development of the local and international artistic scene.

The theme of this new edition, chosen by Commissioner Anouk Wies, coordinator and program manager at Cercle Cité Luxembourg, is “Jet lag/Out of sync”. As such, its focus is on disorientation and the multiple forms it can take. By transposition, the theme of this fourth edition of the Triennial also indicates the exhaustion due to changes in our society and the demands of modern life, constantly connected, in an increasingly globalised world.

25 artists were selected from the 120 projects submitted following the call for applications.

Guided tours of the exhibition take place on Sundays at 15:00, free of charge. 

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