L-R: Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg Prime Minister, Minister of State; Donald Tusk, President of the European Council; Credit: © SIP / Charles Caratini

On 7 March 2018, Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel hosted European Council President Donald Tusk for an interview at Senningen Castle.

The discussions focused on the major issues of European current affairs and more particularly on the evolution of the negotiations on Brexit. The meeting also made it possible to prepare the European Council of 22 and 23 March 2018 in Brussels and to discuss the framework for future relations with the United Kingdom.

Xavier Bettel commented: "Solidarity among the [EU] 27 is the foundation of the framework for negotiations with the United Kingdom and the interests of all Member States with the United Kingdom must be respected."

The Prime Minister also recalled that tens of thousands of jobs are linked to Brexit and therefore depend on future relations between the United Kingdom and the European Union, which is "why we need a smooth and seamless transition period”.

On the guidelines on the framework for future relations with the United Kingdom, Xavier Bettel explained that "Luxembourg's position on Brexit has always been pragmatic and pro-European." He concluded that solidarity and unity would be key to future negotiations.