Luxembourg's Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth has pulished a report on the results of the 2016-17 school year for pupils in the Grand Duchy's public school system, were a total of 5,136 pupils will advance to secondary education at a Lycée Classique or a Lycée Technique.

Of these pupils, most of whom are aged circa 12 years:

• 36.7% were referred to a 7th grade of secondary school (7th ES) - Lycée Classique;

• 47.9% were referred to a 7th grade of technical secondary education (7th ST) - Lycée Technique;

• 15.0% were oriented towards the preparatory scheme for technical secondary education (7th MO);

• 0.4% will benefit from an extended cycle in 2017-2018 - primary school.

The decisions are based on the pupil's academic performance, the parents' opinion, the results of the joint tests, the pupil's work and information gathered by a psychologist, if the parents have chosen to intervene. This is the first time in which the parents' participatio has been included in the decision-making process.