Due to the significant damage to the fibre cables at the Kleinbettingen mill, line 50 between Luxembourg and Kleinbettingen and Arlon is closed until 21:00 this evening.

Traffic of the trains on the section Luxembourg - Kleinbettingen of line 50 (Luxembourg - Kleinbettingen - Arlon) will not resume until later tonight due to such damage.

A shuttle train serves between Kleinbettingen and Arlon, whilst two CFL buses have been put in place to serve the various stops along the Luxembourg - Kleinbettingen section.

Two additional substitute buses will serve, depending on the needs of passengers, the various stops between the Luxembourg bus station, Kleinbettingen and Arlon, or run directly between the Luxembourg bus station and the Arlon train station. All these buses will depart from Pier 21 of the Luxembourg bus station.

In addition to these measures, passengers are able to reach Athus train station by CFL trains (line 70 Luxembourg - Rodange - Athus - Longwy) and to take trains to Arlon Athus at 18:32, 19:32, 21:32). Alternatively, the TEC 80 bus runs from the bus stop Centre - Charly's Station to Arlon at 18:23.