The Luxembourg Swimming Federation (FLNS) has announced that it is sending a youth team and a junior team to both Sindelfingen (near Stuttgart, Germany) and Bethune (near Lens, France) for the international showdown next week-end.

Five boys and six girls of the youth national team will be in action at the "24th International Sindelfingen Swimming Championships", and eight boys and six girls will be attending the 10th International Meeting in Bethune. "We give our junior swimmers the chance to prove themselves against strong competition and to reach standard times for the international competition highlights and the squadrons of the new season," stated Christian Hansmann, Technical Director of FLNS.

The following are the teams:

Bethune: Joël Meyer (CNW), Felix Becker (SCDE), Ralph Daleiden-Ciufferi (SCD), Joao Carneiro, Pol Mannes, Rickard Rolko R. (all SL), Jacques and Jules Schmitz (SCR) , Maiti Faber M. (SCDE), Laura Vanderschrick (SL), Rachael and Sarah Black, Emma Peters (all CNDu), Yaël Hamen-Saieg Y. (CNDie)

Sindelfingen: Kevin Boentges (CNP), Arthur Denter (CNE), Mike Bourckel (CNW), Matteo Moraru, Nicolas Lanners (both SL), Laura Hric, Lis Leonard, Magalie Baustert, Mara Krombach, Lou Jominet (all SL), Neele Albers (SCDE)