This Sunday 11 March 2018, neimënster will host a big cultural and feminist festival, between 11:00 and 19:30.

The awareness campaign of the Platform of Action International Women's Day (JIF2018) focuses this year on the precariousness of women. Women remain more at risk than men of falling into precariousness for a number of reasons, including less favourable career prospects than male colleagues in the job market and lower retirement pensions than men for retired women.

In addition to the equality project that took place on yesterday, on the International Day of Women's Rights, in the Place d'Armes, neimënster and the JIF platform will organise a cultural and feminist festival on Sunday 11 March, on the site of the abbey. On this occasion, the JIF2018 and neimënster will present a multitude of events on the themes of dialogue and exchange, solidarity, emancipation and empowerment, creativity and self-determination. The public will be able to attend concerts, hip-hop performances, workshops, games, readings, visit an associative village and discover the exhibitions of the feminist posters of the Collectif La Rage and the works of Berthe Lutgen.

A group of skaters will also take over the Péitruss Skatepark, organising demonstrations and workshops. The cultural and feminist day will end with the concert of French singer GiedRé, who will perform as part of the Humour pour la Paix festival.

The full programme is available online at and