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This year’s first garage sale will open up at Place Guillaume II on Sunday 2 April, with more scheduled to take place on 7 May, 4 June, 2 July, 6 August, 3 September and 1 October. All but two will be at Place Guillaume II, except for the May and July sales which will be held at Avenue de la Gare, which will be pedestrianised for the event.  

Private individuals wishing to participate can register up to one month before the scheduled sale by personally presenting themselves at the Service des Fêtes with the registration form and €10 participation fee. 

Individuals can participate one time per year, and should check the restrictions on items that are prohibited for sale under Luxembourg law, such as animals, new items, food or beverages, before participating. Ville de Luxembourg will make foldable tables available for use by sellers on the day.

Wednesday, 01 March 2017 18:40

2,000 to be Surveyed on Health and Ageing

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Gauging our health as we mature, the first Europe-wide survey of health, ageing and retirement, will extend to Luxembourg with a survey of 2,000 individuals aged 50 and over within the Grand Duchy starting on 6 March. The survey in Luxembourg will be carried out by the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER). 

The survey aims to develop policies to improve the quality of life and care for the elderly by developing a better understanding of the ageing process, and the differences in the living conditions of elderly people across Europe.

The survey, which puts forward almost 900 questions on health and socio-economic issues, as well as family and social relationships, will also map in results from similar surveys conducted since 2004 giving it depth as well as breadth. 

This is the third wave of similar surveys conducted in Luxembourg, however this one differs in that it intends to capture information about deeper aspects of the surveyeds’ lives, including partners, children, housing, work and career, as well as health and treatments undergone so far.

Persons selected to participate will receive a letter by post with details. A credentialed interviewer appointed by LISER will follow up to arrange a face-to-face interview.


Wednesday, 01 March 2017 17:58

Micro-snow Under the Microscope at UniLu

unilu bernhard peters UNILU

Engineers from the University of Luxembourg are working together with scientists from the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF in Switzerland to better analyse mechanical properties of snow by taking it all the way down to its micro-structural level.

The project aims to develop a computer model that will help solve typical snow-related engineering problems, such as avalanches, vehicle traction and the load imposed on buildings under heavy snowfall.

Bernhard Peters, professor of Thermo- and Fluid-dynamics and head of the LuXDEM research team at the Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication (FSTC), and his research team are calculating the properties and behaviour of snow masses under high and low strain rates based on the bonding, displacement and rearrangement activities of microscopic snow particles.

He has brought in the experts from one of the globally renowned experts in snow research, WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF from Davos in Switzerland, in order to validate his results. 

“The project combines the complementary expertise of the two involved research groups with Luxembourg being an expert in discrete element modelling and Switzerland in the tomographic investigation and experimental measurement of snow characteristics,” said Peters.

The project was officially launched on 8 December 2016 and is funded by the Fond National de la Recherche Luxembourg (FNR) and the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) for a period of 3 years.


Hailing the success of last year’s drive, the Minister for Cooperation and Humanitarian Action, Romain Schneider, today launched a second call for proposals for the Business Partnership Facility, a mechanism for creating partnerships between Luxembourg and European companies and companies, civil society and state agencies in developing countries, in particular those in which Luxembourg is present. The Facility specifically targets the ICT, Fintech, Renewable energy and Biohealth sectors. 

"The number of proposals received in 2016, as well as the quality and innovative nature of the dossiers selected in the first call, have confirmed our approach," said Minister Schneider, adding "the private sector is an increasingly important player in the field of development cooperation, notably in terms of job creation and technology transfer, but also as a multiplier of public funding, thereby improving the quality of life of people in developing countries in a sustainable way. “

The Facility has a budget of €1 million, which can be directed towards co-financing up to a maximum of 50% with a limit of €200,000 in the form of a direct grant.

More information on the second round can be found on the website: of LuxDev, which manages the call for proposals on behalf of the government. 

Wednesday, 01 March 2017 16:17

John's Brasserie Opens at Kirchberg Campus

johns brasserie UniLu

Luxembourg University students at the Kirchberg campus should have a wider, healthier and well-balanced menu to choose from following the opening on campus today of John’s Brasserie, described as “a gastronomic landmark” for staff and students at the university. 

Managed by Restopolis, the award-winning catering service of the Ministry of National Education, Childhood and Youth, the new restaurant will be on the ground floor of the "29JFK" building and will follow the tradition of the old "Tudor" brewery, long a popular hang-out, which has been completely renovated.

Open Monday to Friday from 07:30, the menu incorporates fresh baked pastries, in-house muesli, house-made sandwiches, a salad bar, and a variety of mains courses made on site. Afternoon snacks will also be available until the brewery closes at 16:00.

In addition to the collective dining area, private rooms are also available. The restaurant is open to outside guests as well as students and faculty, though credit cards are not accepted.



Luxaviation Group subsidiary, Bird-ExecuJet Airport Services, won the Most Popular Service Provider of the Year award at the BizAVIndia Awards 2017 ceremony in Bangalore on 13 February. 

Jointly organised by the Business Aircraft Operators Association (BAO) and Bombardier Business Aircraft as part of their effort to recognize the merit and excellence of the Aviation Business & General in India, the prize was assessed according to strict safety, operational, fleet and crew requirements. 

Given by the Minister of State for Aviation, Shri Jayant Sinha, the award was received by by Anurag Srivastasa, director general of the Bird ExecuJet team. Patrick Hansen, CEO of Luxaviation Group, was delighted by the award. 

"Receiving this award is a real pride for us. Winning this celebrates the success of our team and our aspiration to provide a continuous level of excellence to all of our clients. I would like to thank all the collaborators and partners for their excellent work.”


In response to the European Commission's 2016 launch of the "European Cloud Initiative," a mechanism for promoting the creation of a competitive, data and knowledge-based economy in Europe, EuroCloud associations across the Continent formed a new association, Cloud Community Europe, which is to have its headquarters in Luxembourg. Among the new associations is Cloud Community Europe - Luxembourg (CCEL), formerly known as EuroCloud - Luxembourg. 

CCEL has nominated its board of directors, who are to be chairman Yves Reding, vice-president Amal Choury, Gérard Hoffmann, Olivier Gourdange, Vincent Lekens and Jean-Pol Michel.

The new assocation said that its objectives for the coming year include organising the Luxembourg Cloud Awards, coming up on 4 May, organising thematic breakfasts, workshops and lessons-learned sessions as well as establishing a partnership with the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology for the creation of cloud standards. 


romain schneider burkina faso 2017 MAEE

A project to enhance electronic communications services throughout Burkina Faso, improving governance, as well as education, vocational training, health and public finance services, has been finalised between Minister of Cooperation and Humanitarian Action, Romain Schneider, and the Government of Burkina Faso. 

Luxembourg satellite services company, SES S.A., will contribute substantially to the project which has been under discussion since 2013. The Government of Luxembourg was, however, concerned to ensure that conditions in the country were stable following a period of unrest preceding the 2015 elections before finalising the agreement. 

Image: Minister Schneider in Burkina Faso. © MAEE


eaglestone clermont orts

A new player on Luxembourg’s real estate landscape has emerged with the creation of Eaglestone Equity Partners, led by Gaétan Clermont. Established by Eaglestone Group, the new company will specialise in development and management of real estate funds, the creation of 'club deals' between investors and a real estate co-investment platform in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

"The ambition is to invest opportunistically through the purchase of existing assets or real estate companies that are subject to restructuring or value enhancement. Real estate co-investment platforms are still underdeveloped in Europe compared to the United States. But the concept appeals to investors because it is an alternative to investment funds that offers many advantages in terms of strategy flexibility, profitability and liquidity," said Clermont. 

According to the company, investors have already committed the equivalent of €150 million into future real estate projects with office, retail, hotel and large-scale residential potential, and half a dozen projects are already under preview. 

Nicolas Orts, CEO of Eaglestone Group, explained the rationale behind the creation of the new company. 

"After experiencing exponential growth over the past five years in our core business of developing real estate projects, we were looking for some diversification. With this new activity, we are emerging as one of the first real estate groups in Belgium, structured in two distinct clusters, promotion on the one hand and opportunistic investment on the other,” he said.

Image: Gaétan Clermont, Nicolas Orts. 

Wednesday, 01 March 2017 09:13

Groupe DLSI Announces 2016 Profits

dlsi logo

French recruitment agency, Groups DLSI, which also has offices in Luxembourg, recorded a turnover of €196 million for 2016, a rise of 6.4% on the year before. 

The group said that in an expanding French market, the group’s growth was maintained in the fourth quarter, consistent with performance over the course of the year. 

With positive results in hand, the group is looking to continue its international expansion, in Switzerland and Germany in particular, and intends to maintain an aggressive acquisition strategy.

A full publication of annual results for 2016 will take place on 18 April 2017. 

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