caritas southsudan francois Nzabahimana

Caritas Luxembourg has issued an urgent appeal for donations to help millions of people survive a vicious famine in South Sudan. 

Severe malnutrition and extreme debilitation dog thousand of people arriving at relief centres, especially the children. 

This famine has been fed by climatic factors — the rains failed last year resulting in a drought and lack of seeds — that have exacerbated the problems already created by a war that has spread throughout the country. 

This war has resulted in large numbers of deaths and massive population displacements. Around 1.9 million people are internally displaced and a further 1.8 million are refugees in neighbouring countries. 

Farms and whole villages have been looted by armed groups during the conflict, says the organisation, and almost all agriculture-related activity has halted. As a result, families cannot find basic foods such as maize, beans or millet. Where these staples are available, the prices are now so high that they are out of reach for most families. 

The war has also increased insecurity on the roads, making access to the areas most affected by famine extremely difficult. Soon, if the rains come, these areas will become completely inaccessible except by helicopter. 

"People most affected by famine are also the most vulnerable, including pregnant women and children under five. The impact of lack of food is much more important to them. In some areas, general malnutrition affects 30% of children”, said François Nzabahimana, an employee of Caritas Luxembourg, who has been working in South Sudan since May 2016 to coordinate all the activities of Caritas Luxembourg’s food aid.

Caritas Luxembourg has been fighting hunger in South Sudan for many years, with the priority of rehabilitating nutrition centres. 

"In villages and health centres we distribute food such as corn, sugar or beans, vitamin biscuits and vitamin A. The most malnourished children are transferred to specialised health centres where they can be hospitalised and receive adequate therapeutic care,” added Nzabahimana.

But to overcome the malnutrition of women and children, it is also important to follow up on the long term. Caritas Luxembourg say they conduct regular family visits -- during which children are weighed and symptoms of other diseases linked to malnutrition detected -- and mothers are also advised on the preparation and hygiene of foods used for children.

"It's one of the most painful missions I've ever seen. Living a situation of widespread famine is extremely hard. Recently, I supervised the departure of a load of grain. This is a real relief because, at present, it is almost impossible to obtain it. These cereals will allow us to make porridge for the malnourished children of the region,” said Nzabahimana.

Image: François Nzabahimana in South Sudan. © Caritas Luxembourg

air deluxe

There’s something in the air on Rue Philippe II, literally. Air Deluxe, an installation by Anglo-German artist couple Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen was unveiled yesterday, part of a series of public art projects for this location that dates back to 2014. 

The piece was selected by the Rue Philippe II Association, in collaboration with Casino Luxembourg And the City following a competition among seven international artists.

The work resembles a sky of "clouds" formed and made from aeration tubes, a poetic metaphor for the clean, fresh air that has become "a luxury product" for many cities around the world. The artists evoke in their work the problems of air pollution, as well as the illusory and utopian will of man to tame nature and to control at the same time all the climatic problems. 

As part of a summer unlike any other in a street unlike the others born thanks to the initiative of the merchants of rue Philippe II and Avenue de la Porte-Neuve, the projects "Let the sunshine in" (2014), "Look up! (2015), "Swings" (2016), and "AIR DELUXE" (2017) have been created to enhance these streets and create a friendly, summer atmosphere in the heart of the city. As in previous years, the project is supported by the City of Luxembourg.

Cargolux 747 8F C 600x480

Freight company Cargolux Airlines has signed a sponsorship agreement with Luxembourg’s National Museum of History and Art - Musée National d’Histoire et d’Art (MNHA) under which it will give support to the museum by transport of artworks over the next three years.

The agreement builds on Cargolux’s existing agreement to transport works for the Museum of Modern Art (MUDAM), which has stood since 2004.

Long distance transportation of valuable pieces of art is essential to enable exhibitions in the Grand Duchy that originate from all over the world, as well as the other way round. Safe and efficient cargo transportation can add up to a large part of the budget for exhibition projects, especially if pieces of art need to be transported between continents. 

“Cargolux is proud to able to play its part in the success of the MNHA,” said Richard Forson, Cargolux President & CEO. “We are happy that we can support the diversity of high profile exhibitions and the advancement of culture and history in Luxembourg.”

“I am very glad that the MNHA managed to conclude such an important partnership with such a renowned logistic company as Cargolux,” Michel Polfer, Director of Luxembourg’s National Museum of History and Art noted, adding, ”This support is crucial for our international exhibition cooperation”.


national day

The College of Mayors and Aldermen of the City of Luxembourg presented the programme of Luxembourg’s national holiday yesterday. 

The festivities surrounding Grand Duchess Charlotte’s birthday will begin on the eve of the national holiday on Thursday 22 June with the traditional guard in front of the Grand-Ducal Palace at 16:00. The torchlight procession will take place at 21:20, followed by fireworks at 23:00 and concerts in the various squares of the capital..

The torchlit procession will follow a concert by the Fanfare Municipale Luxembourg-Bonnevoie and the Fanfare Prince Henri Bonnevoie in front of the tribune of honour until the arrival of Their Royal Highnesses 

The procession will leave from Le Puits Rouge in the Grand-Rue and then pass by Rue du Fossé, Rue Notre-Dame, Rue de l'Ancien Athénée towards Boulevard FD Roosevelt, then via the Viaduct Bridge to reach the Avenue De la Gare (groups on foot) or Boulevard d'Avranches (motorised tanks) respectively.

The Grand-Ducal grandstand will be installed on Boulevard FD Roosevelt on the corner of Roosevelt Boulevard / Rue de la Congrégation.

The fireworks in honour of the grand duchess will be fired from the Pont Adolphe at 23:00 and illuminate the sky for 17 minutes. The musical accompaniment will be provided by the Grand Duke's Military Music from the Place de la Constitution ( Gelle Fra).

The best places to see the fireworks are the Place de la Constitution (Gëlle Fra), the Viaduct (Al Bréck) as well as from Hollerich and the Gare district.

As usual, many concerts and activities will animate the squares and streets of the capital on the eve of the national holiday.

Music on the Place Guillaume II will begin at 19:00 with the band "Dëppegéisser", followed by "Benny & the Bugs" (20:15), Schëppe 7 (22:15), T-the Boss "Toxkäpp (00:15) and" Tommek and Band “(01:15).

Place d'Armes, the Rue du Saint-Esprit, the Corniche, the Place de la Constitution, Place du Theater, Place Auguste Engel (Grund), Place Jean Heinisch, Place de Strasbourg and the Grand Place -Rue (corner rue des Capucins) will also be invaded by various Luxembourgish and international bands for music until late into the night. 

On 23 June, the official programme will start at 10:00 with a ceremony at the Philharmonie Luxembourg followed by the 21 cannon shots in honour of the Grand Duke at the Fetschenhof at 11:00. The traditional take-up and the military parade will then take place in the avenue de la Liberté from 11:30 am and the Te Deum will take place at 16.30 at the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Luxembourg in the presence of members of the grand-ducal family.

As every year, the City of Luxembourg's Centre for Pedagogical and Leisure Activities (Capel) will organise its traditional "Spillfest" from 10:00 to 18:00 on the Kinnekswiss (City Park).

This festival is aimed at families, young and old with many unusual and informative games proposed, including a "Bungee-Run", two large swings and the "Leonard Machinery". The Austrian artist Hr.bert, the Spanish troupe "Guixot de 8" and the "Young Caritas Spillmobil" will also be on site and this year the LCTO will present two interactive concerts: 

11:00: Nino Sopranino and his family will tell a musical story to children aged 4 to 8, including narrator, saxophonist and percussionist 

15:00: Xuff, interactive music workshop for children from 4 to 10 years old (DIY, painting and musical games).

Participation is free. Small catering stands are on site. The "Péitruss-Express" (free shuttle) will run from 10:00 to 18:00 between the Kinnekswiss and the pirate ship.

The Garnisounsmusek will take place at 14:00, followed by Saxitude (15:00), Marc Welter's Joint Bunch (16:00), Ginta Fiesta Orchesta (17:30) and "Choco y sus cómplices" (20:00).

In order to allow all interested parties to follow the national holiday in a pleasant atmosphere, the Service of festivals and markets and the Service integration and specific needs of the City of Luxembourg have set up additional infrastructures.

On the eve of the National Day, on June 22, two spaces, one next to the official tribune (torchlight retreat), the other on the Place de la Constitution ("Gëlle Fra" Fireworks) will be reserved for people with special needs. In order to ensure good coordination and organisation of the two spaces, interested persons must reserve their place in advance with the Integration and specific needs department by telephone: 4796 4215, GSM: 691 96 44 47, or email:

For a space near the official gallery it will be necessary to arrive at the latest at 20:15 near the grandstand at the height of the canteen of State to the boulevard F. D. Roosevelt.

Space in place of the Constitution ("Gëlle Fra”). It will be necessary to arrive at the latest at 21:00 (a minimum companion is allowed, depending on the number of participants and the space available, several accompanying persons can access the space reserved) 

A space for people with special needs is also planned for the military parade on 23 June, between 10:30 am and 11:00 am near the entrance to the Ste-Thérèse clinic. Reservation is also required by telephone: 4796 4215, GSM: 691 96 44 47, or email:

For the "Summer in the City" concerts on Place Guillaume II and on the "Kinnekswiss" respectively, a special needs area will be set up to allow everyone to participate in these events. People who wish to use the areas must reserve their place in advance with the Integration and Specific needs department, by telephone: 4796 4215, GSM: 691 96 44 47, or email: Regarding the MeYouZik, the persons concerned are asked to contact the Cultural Center of Meeting Neumünster Abbey.

On the evening of 22 June, the Call-a-Bus will provide a shuttle service for people in wheelchairs from P + R Bouillon from 18:00 until 22:30. The return will be after the fireworks until 01:00. Contact Call-a-Bus by telephone: 4796-4797.

Public toilets will be available at festival locations. 

During the festivities organised as part of the National Day, certain adaptations will be necessary for traffic in particular on Monday 19 June for the rehearsal of the military parade, on Thursday 22 June for the torchlight procession and fireworks, and on Friday 23 June for the National Day official ceremony, taking up arms, military parade and Te Deum. 

As part of the rehearsal of the military parade in the Avenue de la Liberté, on Monday 19 June at 21:00, this axis is barred from traffic at 20:30 and all bus lines running between the train station and downtown, City and vice versa will be diverted by the road of Esch and the street of Hollerich or by the Viaduct. Users of public transport will experience longer travel times.

On Thursday 22 June, the day before the national holiday, the closures of the roads of the city centre and the Gare district will be applicable from 18:00. Road users are therefore requested to respect and follow the itineraries indicated as such. Devices for fireworks fired from the Adolphe Bridge will again be integrated into the street closures at the Gare and downtown area.

Covered car parks in the city centre and the Gare district will remain accessible, except for the Knuedler car park, which will not be possible for entry and exit on 22 June between 20:30 and 24:00 (this restriction also applies to subscribers).

On Friday 23 June, the National Day, the closures of the roads of the Gare district and the city centre will be applicable from 08:00. Road users are therefore requested to respect and follow the itineraries indicated as such.

Details of the adaptations at the traffic level can be seen online:

The City of Luxembourg recommends visitors traveling by car to take advantage of the following car parks:

P + R Bouillon (bus line 37)

Parking at the Kirchberg plateau (line 38)

Car parks Kockelscheuer and Luxembourg-Sud (customs centre) (line 39)

Where buses leave to the city centre every 5 to 10 minutes between 18:00 and 22:20; The return to the car parks will be ensured from the city centre from 23:45.

Departures from the city centre to the car parks will be made from the following stops:

Line 37 towards the P + R Bouillon: Monterey-Parc (temporary stop); Last return at 03h30

Line 38 in the direction of Kirchberg: Boulevard Prince Henri (between Monterey Ave. and Émile Reuter Avenue) or Pescatore Foundation quai 1; Last return at 03h30

Line 39 towards the Luxembourg-South and Kockelscheuer car parks: Hamilius quai 2; Last return at 03:30.

In the early evening, before the demonstrations, the articulated bus traffic will be extended along the main lines 2, 4, 5, 6, 21, and 30.

Due to the link between the Gare district and the city centre via the Pont Adolphe and Viaduct, some lines will be limited to the city centre or the Central Station. Only the lines 1/125, 7, 16, 18, 21, 39 and Eurobus 120, 144, 172, 192, 194 and 195 will travel between the central station (Pier 12) and the city centre from 19:00.

Lines 2, 3/30, 4, 5/6 and 15 will only run between the southern districts of Gasperich, Bonnevoie, Cessange and Hamm, and the Central Station or between the northern and western districts of Limpertsberg, Merl, and Hollerich,  and the city center.

The origin / terminus of lines 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 22 and 28 will be in the city centre (Hamilius or Monterey); The Gare district will not be served. 

After the fireworks, special routes are scheduled between 23:45 and 03:30 on most AVL lines from the city centre. See the CFL website for more information.

On the evening of 22 June the city bus lines 1-31, as well as certain RGTR lines providing intra-ville services will be free from 18:00 (these are the lines that are also free every Saturday). For details, please visit


The following Vel'oh at Al Bréck, Metzer Plaz, Gëlle Fra and Knuedler will be closed from 08:00 on 22 June until 08:00 on 24 June.


 handicap int igorance

Igorance hairdressing salons in Bereldange, Gasperich, Hesperange, Strassen and Luxembourg city have raised €5,000 to support Handicap International’s relief work in Nepal, ongoing since the devastating earthquake two years ago, thanks to clients’ support of the salons’ “€10, a step towards independence” initiative. 

Bénédicte Degeest, Vice-President of Handicap International Luxembourg and Sandrine Guivarch, Partner Manager for Handicap International Luxembourg, received the cheque which will be dedicated to prosthetics and rehabilitation services for thirty child victims of the earthquake.

Image: © Handicap International 

battin beer award

Battin Fruitée beer has been given a two star thumbs up by the judges of the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi). 

The “Superior Taste Award” is the only award given that recognises “taste” given by the institute whose judges hail from some of Europe’s most esteemed culinary associations, including the Maîtres Cuisiniers de France, the French Culinary Academy, the Academy of Culinary Arts, Euro-Toques, Nordic Chefs Association, the Verband der Köche Deutschlands and the Association of the International Sommelier (ASI) for beverages. 

A two-star award is a recognition of a product’s “remarkable taste” discovered during a blind tasting and rigorous sensory analysis. 

“La Battin Fruitée, brewed  with a traditional slow fermentation process, will have seduced the members of the jury by its delicious aromas of cherry, plum and blackberry,” said the company.

lydia mutsch may2017

Health Minister Lydia Mutsch addressed the fourth Luxembourg Healthcare Summit yesterday, emphasising the importance of “4P medicine”, which focuses on personalised, preventive, predictive and participative care, as a reflection of Luxembourg’s priorities in healthcare. 

“On the theme of participatory health, you will certainly remember that the government program is aimed at putting the patient at the heart of the health system and allowing them to exercise their role as a player in their own health. Since July 2014, this right has been anchored in the Law on Patients' Rights and Obligations. But that's not all: our last National Health Conference devoted half a day to the theme of "Health Literacy", or how to enable citizens to participate more in choices about their health”, said the minister. 

She went on to highlight the national strategy that she says has resulted in significant achievements in research and clinical practice in relation to personalised medicine, and suggested that personalised medicine needs to find a framework within which to operate in health systems. 

“The high level conference that we organised during the Luxembourg Presidency of the Council of the European Union was the starting point for drawing up the Council conclusions to facilitate the integration of personalised medicine into the Clinical practice based on a patient-centred approach, published in 2015”, said Minister Mutsch. 

“The part of preventive medicine is very important to us, particularly in the context of WHO's global action to combat non-communicable diseases, supported by the United Nations. Noncommunicable diseases represent a major scourge of the 21st century in terms of public health and a challenge that all health systems are facing.

“In terms of predictive medicine, identifying personal risk factors and adapting prevention on an individual scale is an emerging strategy that has already proved successful in certain situations and has the potential to transform the way screening programs And prevention are carried out. Our health system must follow the achievements of science and the development of knowledge so as not to miss the opportunity to integrate prevention and treatment strategies in an optimal and lasting way to the individual needs of the persons concerned .

“The success of such integration remains dependent, however, on our ability to offer our population not only access to these new technologies, but also to use objective and comprehensible information and communication methods on the risks and benefits of 4P medicine, to train health professionals to be able to use these new technologies, and to support research, production of knowledge and exchange of good practice in 4P medicine. It is only at this price that 4P will be able to demonstrate its added value for the patient, which remains at the heart of our concerns”, concluded the minister. 

Image: Lydia Mutsch, at the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg in May this year.


romain schneider Nicolas schmit giuliano poletti

Minister for Labour, Employment and Social and Social Economy, Nicolas Schmit, and Social Security Minister Romain Schneider attended the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (EPSCO) in Luxembourg yesterday. 

Ministers discussed the employment and social policy aspects of the 2017 financial year of the European Semester. Minister Romain Schneider welcomed the fact that the Commission considered the messages reiterated by a large majority of member states, as well as by the Employment and Social Protection Committees, that Member States should have the necessary margin of  manoeuvre and political leverage appropriate to their national contexts, to ensure both the viability and the current and future adequacy of pension benefits.

Concerning the European Commission's proposal for the establishment of a European social rights floor Romain Schneider underlined the importance of working towards a coordinated implementation both at national and at European level of measures aimed at achieving the principles relating to income and old-age pensions, as well as all the principles of the foundation. To do this, a rigorous follow-up of social and employment developments is crucial to characterise the evolution of the trajectory towards the principles of the foundation.

Ministers also discussed the state of play of the work on the revision of the Posting of Workers Directive. Minister Schmit called for a compromise before the end of the year and to overcome the divisions between the different member states. "It is clear that the posting must be really limited in time, supervised by effective controls and while respecting the principle of equal remuneration for work of equal value. To this end, we must also strengthen cooperation between Member States to combat fraud and establish mutual trust," he said during the debate.

The Council also took note of progress reports on the Directive on the accessibility of products and services and on the other on a revised regulation on the coordination of safety systems As well as the guidelines for women on boards of directors and equality of treatment respectively. The Council reached a general approach, a first consensus, on the directive on the protection of workers against carcinogens.

At an informal luncheon, the ministers had the opportunity to discuss the European Commission's proposal for the establishment of a European social rights floor.

At a joint press conference Minister Nicolas Schmit and his Austrian counterpart, Austrian Federal Minister for Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection Alois Stöger called for strengthening the social dimension of the Union European. 

"Today we must give a new impetus to the social dimension of the European Union. The European Social Rights Foundation is an opportunity to return to social convergence. We need an ambitious social action plan based on concrete proposals responding to the challenges of digital transformation, social dialogue and a rebalancing of the European semester”, said Nicolas Schmit about the proposal on the establishment of a European social rights floor.

On the eve of this session of the EPSCO Council, Nicolas Schmit, in his capacity as Chairman of the Socialist and Social Democratic Ministers' Group of the EPSCO Council, chaired a meeting of Socialist and Social-democratic Labour and Employment Ministers devoted to the items on the agenda of the Council.

Image: Ministers Romain Schneider and Nicolas Schmit with Giuliano Poletti, Italy's minister for employment and social policies. © EU

Friday, 16 June 2017 10:59

Bettel on Romania Trip this Weekend

government logo

Prime Minister Xavier Bettel is travelling to Romania this weekend where, among meetings with government officials, he will also meet with leading companies in the ICT sector. 

Dan kersch garnich rescue

On Wednesday this week, Minister of the Interior Dan Kersch attended the official commissioning of a fire and rescue barracks as well as a technical hall for the management services of the commune of Garnich.

Combined with a central site, the technical hall and the premises for the fire and rescue service, with an area of ​​817 square metres, are made up of locker rooms and sanitary rooms, a command post and a workshop for maintenance and insulating breathing apparatus. Various storage rooms, offices, a training and meeting room, a living room and a laundry room have also been set up. 

This new structure allows the 29 volunteer firefighters and 20 firefighters to carry out their rescue missions in the best conditions.

The Mayor of Garnich, Georges Fohl, presented the construction programme, the total cost for which was €2.1 million, including two state subsidies.

Interior Minister Kersch congratulated those responsible for providing the municipality with a modern and efficient structure for the benefit of its citizens. The minister also welcomed the commitment of volunteers to the service of others. ”Volunteers will continue to be the foundation of the rescue services and I thank you for this commitment to your fellow citizens," he said.


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