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Luxembourg Relationship Building in Oman

grand duke oman

As part of a tour in the region, the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess, accompanied by the Minister of Finance, Pierre Gramegna, visited the Sultanate of Oman on Tuesday and Wednesday this week for talks aimed at strengthening the ties between the two countries.

The Luxembourg delegation met with His Excellency Sayyid Fahad Mahmoud Al Said, Deputy Prime Minister of Oman, to discuss bilateral relations, as well as current political, economic and financial events.

The Minister of Finance also held a working meeting with HE Nasser Khamis Al Jashmi, Deputy Minister of Finance and HE Hamood Sangour Al Zadjali, Governor of the Central Bank. He also met with HE Abdulsalam Al Murshidi, CEO of the National Sovereign Fund, to discuss the prospects for the development of his Luxembourg hub. The fund is already present in Luxembourg through an office and direct and indirect investments.

Pierre Gramegna also had an interview with the management of the Oman Chamber of Commerce to discuss the possibilities of developing trade between the two countries.

Image: The Grand Duchess, the Grand Duke, H.E. Sayyid Fahad Mahmoud Al Said, Pierre Gramegna. © MFIN

Thursday, 16 February 2017 17:19

Hiroshi Harada Opening at CultureInside


hiroshi haradaThe work of Japanese artist, Hiroshi Harada, is going up with a new exhibition titled “Beyond Abstraction” at the CultureInside Gallery, coming up on 9 March.

Harada studied at Musashino School of Art in Tokyo under Takeo Yamaguchi. Inspired by his Master’s philosophy, Hiroshi Harada was particularly receptive to Western painting and notably to Cézanne’s works whom he considers “the most significant artist of all time”. He was also very struck by the work of Paul Klee and Serge Poliakoff. In 1969, he finally decided to move to Paris to learn more about European Art.

Harada discovered Western abstraction through painters such as Piet Mondrian, Lucio Fontana and Pierre Soulages, but also Malevich, whose compositions inspired him. Unlike Mondrian and other abstract painters, Hiroshi Harada does not use the golden rule to compose his paintings, confers more humanity and less austerity to his works.

Hiroshi Harada does not respect the laws of pure geometry. He plays with space and gives not only a meaning but also a sensibility.

He produces something coming from the ancient Masters of Chinese and Japanese painting, which is the thought behind the gesture, which prevails over the gesture itself. He metamorphoses this inheritance. 

Hiroshi Harada succeeds in creating a poetic space in and for itself, while at the same time adhering to a set of precise rules : he takes us in a vast universe of which he wants us to feel the most subtle nuances, with as little means as he can. It is, without any doubt, his most noticeable quality, which reminds us also the visual teachings of the Zen Masters. 

He is a hybrid creator who combines Japanese traditional art with the modernism of Western painters of the first half of the 20th century.

The opening will take place on Thursday 9 March 2017, 18:30, at

hiroshi harada 2

hiroshi harada 3


tim john martin schmitz 2

German designer and stenographer Tim John and his partner Martin Schmitz will be offering insights into their work at a special conference at the Design Centre next Wednesday 22 March. 

Specialising in the art of staging, they create spaces that sublimate the products of major international brands or create unique universes for many festivals and exhibitions.

John and Schmitz graduated as industrial designers from the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg, later founding their own design studio in 2008. 

Relying on a wide range of materials and techniques, they are able to create unique designs that they then adapt to various media uch as storefronts, exhibition halls, trade fairs, festivals, etc. Their client list includes Hermès, Audi, Boffi, Opel and Lufthansa. 

During the conference, John and Schmitz will also submit a catalogue containing an exclusive interview with them.

The free-to-enter conference will be held in English at the Museum of Modern Art (Mudam Luxembourg). For more information and registration, see

tim john martin schmitz 3

tim john martin schmitz

Images: © Andres Jung

Thursday, 16 February 2017 16:40

Rawdish Now at Cactus, Belle Etoile

rawdish CACTUS

The benefits of a healthy diet can’t be overstated, and should be a little easier to follow now with Cactus’ offering of Rawdish from their Belle Etoile store.  

Rawdish is a Luxembourg company that started up in 2016 with the aim of offering healthy, vegan products using certified organic ingredients that are locally sourced to the greatest extent possible. 

Benita Muller, co-founder of Rawdish, said the company hoped to provide a healthy alternative to commercially produced quick food, "Our ambition is to provide a healthy and responsible option to the 'industrial to-go' that is increasingly entering the food market. It is this ambition that the Cactus brand shares with us. Cactus offers us a showcase of choice for our organic products aimed at everyone who wants to eat healthily. "

A selection of lunch meals based on quinoa, rice or vegetables, salads, cold pressed juices, desserts as well as baby purées is now available at "Um Märtchen" at La Belle Etoile shopping centre. 

Image: © Cactus


Thursday, 16 February 2017 16:18

Badanstalt Should Reopen on Saturday

ville de luxembourg logo

Following today's closure of the "Badanstalt - Aquatic Relaxation Center", the City of Luxembourg has confirmed that the baths should reopen on Saturday 18 February. 

The spa baths were closed today following analyses which had revealed elevated levels of legionella in the showers of the men's locker rooms. In accordance with public regulations, the baths were immediately closed so that complete chemical disinfection could be carried out over the course of today and tomorrow. 

The municipality said that the baths should "in principle" reopen on Saturday. 

Thursday, 16 February 2017 15:50

Alter Bridge Tickets Going Up Friday Morning

Alter bridge

American hard rock band, Alter Bridge, is heading for Luxembourg this June with a gig at Luxexpo The Box slated for 26 June. Tickets for the show are going on sale from 10:00 on the morning of Friday 17 February. 

The bankd will be playing from the last, fifth, full-length album, The Last Hero. The band is renowned for its live shows and extensive touring, and this gig is part of its first headline tour. 

This is the first concert hosted by Den Atelier at Luxexpo The Box. Tickets can be purchased through their website

train crash

Normal rail services on the line between Luxembourg and Thionville should be resumed on Sunday evening following the fatal crash this Tuesday morning. 

Representatives of CFL say that the the driver of the passenger train en route to Thionville failed to respond to a stop signal but that they are still not sure how this happened. 

As repair work on the line continues so too do the investigations into the cause of the crash. Authorities are still trying to recover one of the two black boxes installed on the train which will have recorded the train’s speed and the actions of the driver at the time of and preceding the crash. 

According to Marc Wengler, director general of CFL, and Jeannot Waringo, president of the board of directors of CFL, the train was fitted with a “failsafe” security system which should normally override the driver and stop the train in the event that he fails to respond to signals.

However, the ETCS system was not activated for this route as it is not approved for use in France, where a different safety system is employed. 

350 metres past the stop light, the passenger train hit a freight train coming from France which had switched tracks in order to transfer to another line. 

It is a legal requirement that all new, upgraded or renewed tracks and rolling stock in the European railway system should adopt ETCS, which has been implemented across the Luxembourg network at a cost of €33 million. 

Mr Wengler said that the driver of the train, who died in the crash, had been working with the company for more than 15 years.   






Thursday, 16 February 2017 08:18

Biodiversum Hosts Nature Book Week for Kids

biodiversumIt’s Nature Book Week at the new Biodiversum visitor centre at Remerschen near Schengen.

From 18 February to 26 February inclusive, Biodiversum will be open free of charge from 10.00 to 17.00 with Luxembourgish, French and German books on display by Luxemburgish authors, all opening up the natural world around us. 

In addition to the books Biodiversum is hosting baking courses for children on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and drawing/painting courses with English wildlife artist Alan Johnston on Friday morning for children of 6-16 and Saturday morning for adults and young people from 16 years of age.  

Right now the reserve is still full of winter visitors, mainly wildfowl, but migration will soon be in full flow, as the reserve’s summer residents start making their appearance.


Grand duke LFF

The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg travelled to the United Arab Emirates  (UAE) last Sunday in the company of Luxembourg Finance Minister, Pierre Gramegna, for three days of talks with Emirati ministers on bilateral relations and current political events. 

The Luxembourg delegation met with UAE Foreign Minister, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, and Minister of Culture, Youth and Social Development, Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan. 

Participating in the World Government Summit in Dubai, Pierre Gramegna made a keynote speech during a Fintech session organised in collaboration with the IMF. The session was opened by Christine Lagarde, Executive Director of the IMF. 

The Minister of Finance also had a working meeting with His Excellency Obaid al-Tayer, UAE Minister of State for Finance, to discuss bilateral relations between the two countries, agreeing to strengthen cooperation, particularly in the area of ​​Fintech. 

He also had a bilateral meeting with Jörg Gasser, Secretary of State in the Swiss Ministry of Finance.

On 13 February, the Grand Duke made the introductory speech to the finance seminar organised by Luxembourg under the theme "Luxembourg and UAE, partners in global finance,” attended by more than 300 local finance professionals. In his speech, Minister Gramegna highlighted the growth prospects of the European economy and the place of Luxembourg as a financial hub at the heart of the European Union.

The Minister of Finance was also the keynote speaker at the MENA Financial Summit of the Institute of International Finance, which brings together the main actors in international finance. He presented his view of current economic and political developments in Europe and at the global level.

Finally, the Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess and the Minister of Finance held meetings with high-level representatives of the UAE's financial sector to promote the financial centre of Luxembourg.

Image: The Grand Duke. © LFF

Ching yng choiValerie mantot

The appointment of two co-chairs heralds the launch of the first working group linking the investment fund centres in Luxembourg and Singapore.

The Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry Singapore Working Group, created by the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI) and SANNE, a global alternative asset outsourcing and corporate administration and reporting services provider, was created with the aim of fostering cooperation and business relations between the investment fund centres in both countries.

Valérie Mantot, director of SANNE, who was formerly Chair of the ALFI Dubai Working Group for more than five years, will be joined by Ching Yng Choi, who has headed the ALFI Asia Representative Office Head for the last six years. 

The official launch of ALFI Singapore Working Group will be held on Thursday 9 March at the ALFI roadshow To Singapore led by Luxembourg Finance Minister, Pierre Gramegna.


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