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Minister of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure François Bausch will participate in Velocity 2017 in Arnhem and Nijmegen in the Netherlands this week, joining some 1,500 experts from 80 countries.

Luxembourg's efforts to develop active mobility in general and the "Declaration on bicycle as a mode of transport" signed by EU ministers in a meeting organised by the Luxembourg Presidency in 2015 already have a reputation far beyond the EU.

During Velocity, one of the recommendations of this declaration, a "European strategy for cycling", will be presented to the European Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc. At the Mayor's session on June 16, 2017, the Minister Bausch will exchange with his colleagues and about thirty mayors of major cities on the best way to integrate cycling into a multimodal offer Of mobility. The ministerial delegation, represented by the Ministry's Mobility Unit and the Sustainable Mobility Division of the Roads and Bridges Administration, will take advantage of the event to exchange best practices on cycling infrastructure.

fernand etgen Clint Camilleri

At the Council of Ministers for Agriculture and Fisheries in Luxembourg yesterday, Agriculture Minister Fernand Etgen encouraged the Maltese presidency to find ways to make further progress on reaching agreement with the European Parliament on improvements in standards for organic production. 

"Significant progress has been made in recent months and the text currently on the table includes improvements in relation to the current regime, in particular in the area of ​​imports from third countries and precautionary measures to prevent the presence of unauthorised substances”, said the minister. 

The situation of the main agricultural markets was also on the agenda of the Council. Commissioner Hogan said he believes that the overall market situation is positive. Dairy deliveries have declined and the price paid to producers has stabilised. Some member states, however, are concerned about the level of skimmed-milk powder stocks in the intervention and the trend in its price. The European Commission has, however, reassured the member states that the release of the stocks in question will be carried out with vigilance and will not happen immediately. It also recalled that skimmed milk powder constitutes only 6% of the EU's milk production, which in a way reduces its price.

In the swine sector, there is also an improvement in the situation even though African swine fever continues to affect producers in different regions of the EU. For poultry meat, avian influenza has caused significant income losses in some regions, especially in Hungary and France. For fruit and vegetables and for wine, the market situation is relatively stable. The effects of late frosts should be evaluated. With regard to cereals, following the unfavourable climatic conditions, the prospects for the 2017 harvest can be better evaluated in the coming weeks.

Agriculture ministers discussed the negotiations for a free trade agreement between the EU and Mercosur. For Fernand Etgen, "Luxembourg has in principle a favourable orientation towards negotiations aimed at achieving free trade agreements that are balanced and take account of the offensive and defensive interests of European agriculture. The transparency of the negotiations is a very important element for us, also with a view to acceptability to the actors concerned, public opinion and the process of ratifying such agreements". Moreover, according to the minister the results must take into account the specificities of European agriculture and the interests of our consumers.

Minister Etgen has also joined a European initiative for the production of non-GMO soybeans and plant proteins in general, proposed by Germany and Hungary. This statement will be signed at the next Agriculture Council in July.

On the proposal for a Regulation on veterinary medicinal products, the minister stressed the considerable progress made in the content of the proposal and remained convinced that it was essential for the action plans to combat resistance Antimicrobial agent, to have this regulation as soon as possible. 

Finally, following a review of the results of the audit in Brazil by Commissioner Andriukaitis, Minister Etgen gave full support to the additional protection measures announced by the Commission and recalled that it is essential that the authorities The Commission's requests. In the absence of a response from Brazil, Minister Etgen stressed that, in order to protect consumers, unilateral action to suspend imports of Brazilian meat would be necessary.

Image: Minister Etgen with Clint Camilleri of Malta


During the general assembly of the Association for the Support of Immigrant Workers in Luxembourg (ASTI) yesterday, a resolution was adopted on the need for investment in integration of immigrant worker populations in order to foster social cohesion and counter the rise of identity discourse.

Almost half of Luxembourg’s resident do not have Luxembourgish nationality, making for an unusual demographic. The association notes that the population is approaching 600,000 individuals, and that the challenges of demography must be among the nation’s top priorities in order to maintain a quality of life for all. 

“The challenge of the conditions of reception and integration of those who come to Luxembourg in search of a better life or security must be prioritised by our decision-makers because the social cohesion of our country depends on it”, said the association in a statement. 

“Is it necessary to recall the campaign and the results of the referendum of two years ago on the right of foreigners to vote in parliamentary elections, perceived by foreigners as a lack of confidence?” it goes on to ask. 

On that basis, the association called on the government to devise a national plan for integrating arrivals, inter-ministerial consultation, and the devotion of financial resources towards achieving integration. 

On the basis of observations made, ASTI called on Luxembourg society as a whole to consider immigration as an integral element of Luxembourg, and calls on the population to take this dimension into account at all levels, and in particular with regard to school and social reform, and the revision of the Constitution. 

The group goes on to call for vigilance against the banalisation of hatred, and congratulates the judicial authorities for their work in investigating, prosecuting and convicting perpetrators of incitement to hatred, violence or discrimination.

Among other conditions, the association also welcomed Luxembourg’s “impulse of solidarity” with applicants for international protection.

“It is high time that all those who commit themselves to a worthy reception and a successful integration of foreigners and refugees send a strong signal to the whole of Luxembourg society and to those who govern it. Let us share our commitment, openness and solidarity in the public arena!”, the statement concluded.

Ministry agriculture

The public is being called on to cast their vote for the winners of this year’s Bio-Agrar-Präis. 

The prize, awarded for the first time in 2009, is a €4,000 award given to persons, organisations and establishments active in the field of organic farming in Luxembourg.

Eight submissions were received this year, details of which can be found online:

The submissions were assessed by a jury of ten individuals from different backgrounds who compiled a list of the prize winners, evaluating the applications according to the criteria defined and weighted by them.

This year’s winners are to be decided upon by the public during the Foire Agricole in Ettelbruck from 30 June to 2 July, at the Ministry of Agriculture’s stand. Voters will be automatically registered in a raffle as a reward. 

The prizes will be presented on 2 July 2017 at 15:30 at the Foire Agricole, in the presence of Agriculture Minister Fernand Etgen.

LCGB OGBL 600 447

The LCGB and the OGBL trades unions say they yesterday signed a new collective agreement for the employees of Accumalux, a manufacturer of bins and battery covers.

In their statement, the unions said that following negotiations, an agreement was signed for a period of three years and includes improvements in the working conditions of the 111 employees of the Luxembourg site at the Kockelscheuer, such as an annual salary increase, improvement in the on-call premium, an increase and improvement of furlough leave, and an increase in the performance premium linked to the rate of return. In addition a feasibility study of a mobile schedule for employees under the day schedule was negotiated.

vdl osteoporosis

The City of Luxembourg is holding an information conference on osteoporosis, a disease characterised by excessive fragility of the skeleton, at the Konviktsgaart, Grande-Duchesse Joséphine-Charlotte Residence on Tuesday 27 June.

The conference will be in Luxembourgish with a French translation on request, which should be made by 19 June by telephone: 4796 2428, or email:

Registration is required for the free event, by telephone at the number above. 


Tuesday, 13 June 2017 14:12

APATEQ Wins European Start-up Award

Apateq Startup Europe

APATEQ, a Luxembourg clean-tech company that develops and manufactures water treatment systems for oil and gas field operators, compact wastewater treatment plants for demanding applications and full solution systems for the treatment of industrial wastewater, has received a Start-up Europe Award from the European Commission. The award was given with an extraordinary distinction. 

The company was honoured for its green and compact wastewater management systems at an award ceremony at the European Parliament in Brussels last week.

Ivana Maletic, MEP from Croatia, presented the awards in the water category. “For 2050 it is expected that the consumption of water will double. It is necessary to develop new ways of facing the problem, and circular economy seems to be the base of this innovation. Recuperating the water coming from industrial sub-processes for the re-incorporation into the economic cycle, in order to be used as irrigation water and for other industrial processes”, she said. “I am glad to see that start-ups from all around have put all their workforce, intellectual value and interest in developing new ways of facing the reality of water: APATEQ has developed a new concept for water treatment, purifying and raising awareness about the topic of water.” 

“Being honoured with this award by the European Commission presents another milestone in our company’s positive development since inception in 2013“, said APATEQ senior marketing and communication manager Birgit Prochnow. "The Start-up Europe Award presents an excellent opportunity to bring together the most innovative start-up companies in Europe and offers a platform for networking and extensive media exposure. We are extremely proud being selected among the winning companies.” 


fete de la musique

A completely revised edition of the Fête de la Musique in Luxembourg will take to stages across the city this year with 22 settings in the city centre and residential districts of the capital between 16 and 21 June. 

The festival kicks off at  07:00 on 16 June with the first concert at P & R Bouillon, and will close on the summer solstice with the traditional annual open-air concert with the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra (OPL) will be held at the Kinnekswiss in the municipal park on 21 June. 

Admission to all concerts is free. The public is encouraged to use public transport to access the concerts.

Full details of the times and locations of the concerts are available online at:



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Nature Festival this Weekend

nature festival

The annual Nature Festival, organised by the nature and environment association, natur&ëmwelt, will be at Haus vun der Natur in Kockelscheuer this Saturday and Sunday. 

Between 14:00 and 18:00 on Saturday, and 10:00 and 18:00 on Sunday, the family event will host around 60 information stands sales stalls provide information as well as environmentally friendly products, and traditional and organic food products, activities for children, and organic food served for a lunch/barbecue. 

The entry fee for the festival is €2, and free for children aged 15 or below. 

Parking is available at the Kockelscheuer, P+R (park at the children's playground end of the parking lot, that is, away from the skating rink buildings).

Registration for the event is optional, but suggested for those who would like to be added to the mailing list:


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