radio 100.7

Radio-play writers in-the-making have a chance to have their work reviewed by an international jury and performed on air, as well as a potential prize of €3,500, in Radio 100.7’s radio play competition for 2017. 

Under the theme of “Great Expectations,” writers are asked to explore our post-war world and the hopes and aspirations of those who may be drifting back towards the conditions that created the last pan-European conflict. 

The contest is open to all authors in Luxembourg and the surrounding Greater Region. All literary genres are allowed, on condition that the entries can be transformed into a radio production. Manuscripts may be submitted in Luxembourgish, German, French or English before the deadline on 1 October 2017. Collective works are allowed as well. 

The jury is chaired by Mr. Claude Mangen, programme coordinator of Radio 100.7, who is joined by Astrid Alexandre, cultural editor at Radiotelevisiun Svizra Rumantscha in Switzerland, Olivier Garofalo, script editor at Theater Bamberg in Germany, Anette Kührmeyer, head of artistic word/radio play SR 2 cultural radio in Germany, Carole Lorang, director and president of the Theater Federatioun Luxembourg, and Sebastian Thiltges, post-doctoral fellow and scientific collaborator at the University of Saarland.

The decision and the award ceremony will take place in autumn 2017, and the winning work will be produced and aired by Radio 100.7.

The rules of the “100.7 Radio Contest” may be found on the Radio 100.7 website: For further information, please contact Claude Mangen, by telephone: +352 44 00 44 802, or email: 

guy arendt alliance cultural heritage conflict

At a ministerial meeting of donors at the Louvre Museum in Paris yesterday, Luxembourg joined a roughly 40-strong alliance for the protection of cultural heritage during armed conflict. At the invitation of the President of the French Republic, François Hollande, the Grand Duchy was represented by the secretary of state for culture, Guy Arendt.

Minister Arendt thanked France and the United Arab Emirates for taking the initiative to create this protection fund and underlined the importance of acting. 

"If in all conflicts our primary goal is to protect the civilian population, heritage protection is by no means a secondary undertaking. For what the belligerents seek to destroy through the cultural and artistic heritage is the individual, his cultural roots and his history. In a nutshell: his identity and his dignity."

France and the United Arab Emirates initiated the alliance in December last year, with respective contributions of $30 million and $15 million each. The aim is to raise $100 million. Luxembourg has pledged to contribute €3 million over the coming years. An aggregate amount of $75.5 million (€70 million) has thus far been announced.

ses africa

One of Africa’s largest internet service providers, Intersat, has renewed and upgraded its SES capacity contract with a multi-year agreement that should deliver internet services across the continent.

The agreement includes a new C-band capacity lease, infrastructure services out of the SES Betzdorf teleport and a renewal of upgraded Ku-band capacity out of the SES Djibouti Teleport. Intersat will also use the SES Enterprise+ Broadband service to deliver high-speed broadband connectivity across Africa, serving industries such as banking, corporate customers, and internet service providers.

“As demand for connectivity grows beyond big cities, communities need faster, more reliable broadband to support business growth, as well as healthcare and educational services. Our partnership with SES will further strengthen our collective ability to deliver this connectivity,” said Hanif Kassam, executive director at Intersat. 

Ferdinand Kayser, chief commercial officer at SES, appreciated the ongoing relationship. “We have been in partnership with Intersat for many years in various markets and sectors. The new agreement reaffirms how SES satellites’ comprehensive coverage and SES’s competitively priced flexible connectivity platform with a 'plug 'n' play' offering has enabled Intersat to expand their reach across East Africa,” he said.

Image: photo supplied  

SES Antenna 003 H 600

Allegations of illegal surveillance were again dogging the Luxembourg intelligence agency (SREL) with reports this weekend that prompted the Ministry of State to issue a statement to the effect that unlawful surveillance had taken place as a result of a clerical error and that the records obtained as a result have been destroyed. 

The ministry said that the error arose in the context of the legal requirement that extensions of time for communications surveillance must be approved by a special committee, composed of three judges, as well as an authorisation from the ministerial committee of the SREL. 

According to the ministry, SREL failed to finalise one particular file which was not therefore forwarded to the committee, thus a monitoring measure was extended without the necessary authorisation. The oversight was discovered during an internal audit one month later. 

According to the ministry, measures including the immediate cessation and subsequent destruction of all records in connection with the monitoring measure in question were taken to remedy the “unintentional misconduct” and necessary adjustments have been made to prevent the error from happening again. 

The person responsible for the management of surveillance measures has been assigned to other tasks.



Goodyear’s latest concept tyre, the CityCube designed specifically for the Toyota iTRIL tilt, was unveiled at the 87th Geneva International Motor Show this month. 

The company says the new tyre can identify a variety of road conditions which it transmits to the collision prevention systems within the car while the contoured shape and different sizes for front and rear — as with motorcycle tyres — are designed to improve grip and cornering stability. The “Hologram Texture” was introduced to make the tyres look appealing. 

CityCube was designed to be lightweight with low rolling resistance, an important feature for future electric vehicle tyres said the company. It also has a reduced groove volume in order to produce higher mileage and lower noise levels.

David Anckaert, General Director OE product development EMEA at Goodyear, welcomed the new addition. “We are delighted to present this innovative concept tire for the Toyota i-TRIL concept car. Once again, Goodyear confirms its expertise in the development of tailor-made solutions for car manufacturers. We are committed to designing solutions to enable new mobility trends, such as autonomous vehicles and smart cities,” he said. 


Tuesday, 21 March 2017 10:55

Jan de Nul Orders Diesel Dredgers

jan de nul boat

Belgian civil and maritime construction company, Jan De Nul Group has ordered three 3.500 m3 trailing-elk drag dredgers to be built at Keppel Singmarine.

The design of the vessels is based on 3,400 m3 Alvar Nuñez Cabeça de Vaca and Sebastiano Caboto dredgers, built in 2011. The ships combine a shallow draft with easy manoeuvrability, making them suitable for working in confined spaces.

The ships operate in diesel-electric mode. All the main propulsions — thrusters, dredging pump, propulsion pumps, etc. — are powered by electricity, and controlled by frequency converters so that each system can operate at its own speed and optimum power. An asymmetric distribution system allows an optimal distribution of the load among the three diesel generators resulting in improved fuel consumption

New vessels must comply with International Maritime Organisation (IMO) regulations for NOx emissions. As new dredgers will frequently work in estuaries and on rivers or near the coast, and thus close to residential areas, Jan De Nul Group has decided to limit NOx emissions to a much lower level than their own requirements, and to reduce also the emission of other contaminants that are not currently regulated by IMO.

The new vessels will operate with normal fuel oil, and the exhaust gases are purified by a Selective Catalytic Reduction (RCS) system and a Particulate Filter (FAP). The RCS system reduces the level of NOx in the exhaust gas to a level corresponding to future European requirements (EU Stage V) for inland navigation vessels; This standard is much more stringent than the applicable IMO Tier II and Tier III requirements.

The FAP removes particulate matter from the exhaust gas in order to do better than the level stipulated in the future EU Stage V requirement for inland navigation vessels.

In combination with the use of low-sulphur fuels, emissions (NOx, SOx, particulates, CO and hydrocarbons) will comply with EU Stage V, and therefore better than any other vessel or dredger. They will be equivalent if not better than those of a dredger using liquified natural gas (LNG) as fuel. However, using available fuel everywhere, compared with the limited availability of LNG, these low emissions are achievable continuously throughout the world.

LNG, which is mostly methane, is promoted as an environmentally friendly fuel. Indeed, it has a number of advantages for producing the same power while less gas contributing to the CO2 greenhouse effect is emitted, and emissions of certain contaminants such as NOx, SOx, particulates are lower than in comparison with a diesel engine on oil, without exhaust gas treatment system. However, the same or a better result can be achieved by using an exhaust gas treatment system, and the main environmental and operational disadvantages of LNG are avoided.

pesticide action week

As part of this year’s Pesticide Action Week, Junglinster Commune is hosting two information, awareness raising and sharing events on 24 and 25 March. 

On Friday evening, at the Cultural Centre “am Duerf”, Fred Jomaux will perform in “Grain de Voyous”, a light-hearted look at man’s relationship with nature and dependence on pesticides. The next day, a series of conferences and workshops will dig deeper into the subject.  

Both events will be held at the Cultural Centre “am Duerf” in Junglinster — 8, Rue du Village, Junglinster. There is a small parking lot opposite the Centre and more parking in the centre of Junglinster.

Information stands about nature, the environment and pesticide-free alternatives, and stands selling some organic food and wine products will also be in the Centre culturel "am Duerf”. There’ll also be a science club, show cooking, a herbalist, organic wine, flowers and more to browse through. 


Friday, 24 March: 

19:15 — welcome from Mike Hagen, Commune Junglinster

19:30 — Spectacle Humoristique (in French)

20:45 — Q&A

21:15 — reception


Saturday, 25 March

09:00 — Opening speeches by Minister Carole Dieschbourg and Guy Felten, nature and environment commission, Junglinster Commune

Conferences (translation provided in English and French)

09:45 — What are pesticides? Nils Leches, EBL

10:00 — Pesticides in Drinking Water, Jean-Paul Lickes, Water Management Administration

10:15 — The Use of Pesticides in Agriculture, Jacques Engel, ASTA

10:30 — Effects of Pesticides in the Body, Ralph Baden, AKUT

10:45 — Alternative to Pesticides, Stéphanie Zimmer, IBLA

11:00 — Discussion / Questions and Answers

Workshops (translation not provided)

11:00 — Erfolgreich gärtnern, Ethnobotanisches Institut

                 In German: Green Smoothies, Susanna Klein

                 In Luxembourgish: Tinkturen & Heilsalben, Monique Meyer

12h00     Pflanzenbrühen und –jauchen, Ethnobotanisches Institut

                 German: Clean Eating, Susanna Klein

                 Lux:Tinkturen & Heilsalben, Monique Meyer

13h00     Gesunde Wildkräuter im eigenen Garten, Ethnobotanisches Institut

                 German: Juicing, Susanna Klein

                 Lux: Tinkturen & Heilsalben, Monique Meyer

Image: © The Greens: European Free Alliance 

police fraudsters

Grand Ducal Police have issued a warning about fraudsters posing as roofers in order to gain access to houses and extort money from householders. Police say they have recorded at least 20 cases in the last three weeks alone, particularly in the south of the country. 

According to the police, the fraudsters often gain access to the house by claiming they have noticed damage to the victim’s roof, for which they convincingly manage to demand immediate payment for carrying out work. Victims often agree, under the fear that further damage to their home may occur if they don’t. 

While repairs are carried out, police say that the perpetrators steer the victim away in order to provide another offender undisturbed access to the house and any cash and valuables that can be found while the householder is distracted. 

The police recommend not allowing random workers into the house and to inform police immediately where persons appear offering to work on the house in circumstances that seem suspicious. 

In case of doubt, call the emergency number: 113. 


Hungarian airline, Wizz Air, will open a route between Frankfurt-Hahn Airport and Kiev-Schuljany Airport in Ukraine from 26 August 2017. 

Kiev-Schuljany Airport is eight kilometers from Kiev city centre to which there are regular bus and tram routes. The flights will operate on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

vdl renaissance francaise

La Renaissance Francaise, a 100-year-old association under the patronage of the President of the French Republic and four ministers, presented a gold medal to the City of Luxembourg during a ceremony at the Hotel de Ville today. 

Presented to Mayor Lydia Polfer, the commemorative plaque thanked the city for its exemplary welcome of the French community and recognised the importance of Luxembourg city as a European capital.

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