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Night Bus Services for Easter Weekend

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ville de luxembourg logoThe City of Luxembourg has confirmed that the City Night Bus service will be operating according to its usual hours over the Easter weekend, including Sunday 16 April and Monday 17 April. For more information on the free service, see their website: 


Boules Confederaion Mike Pegg Georges Engel Romain Schneider MSP

The European Boules Confederation (CEP) governing council, under the chairmanship of Mike Pegg, as well as several working committees of the PIU, met for the first time last weekend from 7 to 9 April in their new headquarters in National Center of Boules and Petanque in Belvaux-Metzerlach, where the CEP set up its official seat in Luxembourg in January this year.

The Minister of Sports, Romain Schneider, and the Mayor of the municipality of Sanem, Georges Engel, took the opportunity to welcome Luxembourg to the heads of the European Confederation of Boules, The European Table Tennis Union (ETTU), the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV), the European Federation of Popular Sports (IVV) and the International Federation of Sports Powerlifting (IPF).

The CEP, which is now headquartered in the Belvaux-Metzerlach National Bowling Club, run by the Luxembourg Federation of Balls and Petanque (FLBP), signed an agreement with the Ministry of Sports and the FLBP, chaired by Gérard Schneider. Agreement regulating the modalities of their collaboration and cohabitation within the national center of balls and petanque.

Image: Mike Pegg, Georges Engel, Minister Romain Schneider. © MSP

xavier bettel GT 600x391

Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel will travel to Canada from19 to 20 April together with Finance Minister Pierre Gramegna for meetings with Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for talks on bilateral relations, as well as Finance Minister Bill Morneau, Governor General David Johnston and Ontario's Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell.

On the sidelines of the visit, the Luxembourg delegation will visit, among other things, business incubators and meet economic decision-makers.

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Level Crossing Closure for Works in Cents

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As part of the railway works carried out by the CFL, the level crossing in the Rue des Pommiers at Cents will remain closed to traffic on Saturday 15 April from 07:00 to 22:00.

The stretch between Alouettes Street and the Hamm Valley will be blocked and therefore closed to all traffic, including pedestrian traffic, for the duration of the works.

The Traffic Department will ensure that appropriate signs are put in place.

A number of adaptations have been put in place. 

Line 20 will be deflected in both directions between Hamm (Rue Haute) and Cents (Rue des Pommiers) by the Robert Schaffner roundabout - national road 2a - rue Cents - rue des Alouettes and vice versa.

The Cots-Hamm, Halte CFL stop will be out of service and replaced by the Fetschebur stop. On Rue Cents, the Robert Bruch, Trier and Carmel stops will be served exceptionally by line 20.

Lines 25 and 29 will be diverted in both directions between the Val de Hamm and Rue Cents by the Robert Schaffner roundabout and the national road 2a and vice versa. The Cents-Hamm Halte CFL, Robert Bruch, Trier, Carmel and Cents Waassertuerm stops will be taken out of service. For public service stops -- Robert Bruch, Trier and Carmel -- in Trier, public transport users can use lines 14 and 20. The Ronndréisch stop will be served exceptionally by Line 29 during the construction phase .

Unfortunately, scheduling correspondence between Lines 9, 14, 25 and 29 to Cents cannot be guaranteed.


ICTSpring Pitchyourstartup

Out of 160 original applications from 25 different countries, seventeen companies have been selected to pitch their start-ups at the ICT Spring event this 9 May, nine of them from Luxembourg. 

For the third consecutive year, ICT startups from all over the world have been invited by Docler Holding and Luxinnovation to participate in the “Pitch Your Startup” contest. This year's selection were chosen based on the criteria of innovation, uniqueness, creativity and growth potential.

This year, the prizes are equivalent to a total amount of €100,000, of which €50,000 has been put up by Docler Holding. The European American Enterprise Council will offer a three-month acceleration program in the US and free entry to the CES 2018. Innohub will offer a three-month acceleration program in Luxembourg, including a 360° analysis based on the ISMA 360 methodology, as well as some coaching.

“I have to say that this year the selection was even more difficult than previously. We received a lot of interesting applications from all over the world and from a number of different fields. We are really proud that so many startups applied, it hasn’t stopped doubling since we started and it shows the attraction of our event as well as Luxembourg,” said Marton Fulop, COO of Docler Holding.

“Pitch Your Start-Up” is a contest for startups that are active in the field of information and communication technologies. Each startup will get three minutes and 33 seconds to convince the jury and impress the audience, followed by a two-minute Q&A. The jury is composed of experts, inclduing Xavier Buck, DCLGroup, Nicolas Mackel, LFF, Marton Fulop, Docler Holding, Jean Hilger, BCEE, Jean Diederich, Wavestone, Pol Goetzinger, Innohub, Jerome Grandidier EAEC, Jean-Michel Ludwig, Luxinnovation, Keith Hopper, Docler Holding and Karoly Papp, Docler Holding.

Pitching starts at 16:50 in the main room during the ICT Spring event on 9 May, and the winner will be announced at the gala dinner of ICT Spring Europe 2017.

The seventeen selected startups are:

Image: © Blitz Agency


Wednesday, 12 April 2017 15:33

Volunteers Sought for 3D Modelling Research

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Scientists at the University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) are looking for volunteers to help them achieve the next breakthrough in 3D scanning technology.

From April to July this year, a 3D full body scanner – the Artec Shapify Booth – will be installed in the cafeteria on the first floor of the Maison du Savoir in Belval, where staff, students and any interested persons can volunteer to be scanned from head to toe. The data gathered will allow scientists from the SnT to develop new mathematical methods for three-dimensional modelling of the human body shape.

The full scanning process takes approximately 15 minutes, and volunteers go home with a 3D digital selfie and electronic access to their 3D data. There is also a monthly competition for volunteers to win a 3D-printed statue of themselves. 

Data confidentiality is of the greatest importance for all such projects, and SnT is working closely with the Luxembourgish Commission Nationale pour la Protection des Données.

Currently, state-of-the-art 3D scanners and software can only facilitate accurate digital 3D models of the body if the subject is wearing skin-tight clothing. This has clear drawbacks for everyday applications of the scanner. A team of SnT scientists led by Dr Djamila Aouada, in collaboration with Artec 3D, have set themselves the challenge of obtaining accurate estimations of body shape regardless of clothing. 

“In healthcare, for example, medical staff would be able to take comprehensive body measurements just by scanning their patients,” explains PhD candidate Alexandre Saint. “The benefits of being able to infer this data without occlusion from clothing, would be significant in terms of making 3D scanning a viable tool for medical experts and enhancing efficiency and patient comfort.”

Another field in which the research could make significant contributions is security. Current techniques relying on face recognition could be greatly enhanced by the wealth of information full body scanning can provide. Unfortunately, current 3D technology relies on a large number of scans to arrive at an accurate body model. “The aim is to achieve such models from much more limited data”, says Saint. “Eventually, we will even be able to infer 3D information from 2D images.”

claude meisch education changes april2017

Luxembourg Minister of National Education, Childhood and Youth Claude Meisch today presented a range of changes to high school examinations that are aimed at giving baccalauréat holders the best chance of admission to the university of their choice.

Recognising the evolving international academic landscape, and the need for Luxembourg students to appeal to institutions abroad, the number of subjects students will be required to take for their end of school exams has been reduced from between seven and ten to just six so that they can specialise more deeply in their chosen subjects. The number of oral examinations will also be reduced from three to two. 

In secondary education, the changes will apply from the school year 2017/2018. In technical secondary education, they will come into force for 2018/2019.

Branches not selected for the national examination will be evaluated by an annual score based and knowledge tests organised during the year. They will be taken into account for the award of the diploma.

To better document the student's efforts during the last two years of secondary school and to better reflect the specificities of the Luxembourg school, especially languages, a more complete certification will be awarded to the bachelor. It takes the form of a complement to the final diploma.

The complement will mention not only the subjects examined and their grades, but also the other subjects studied in 2nd and 1st year with their final yearly mark. It will give a detailed description of the skills and knowledge acquired, e.g. language skills, cultural and literary content, and may also include extra-curricular activities in which the student has participated.

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Linklaters Appoints Anton Cox Counsel

linklaters anton cox

Linklaters has appointed Anton Cox as counsel, with responsibilty for further developing its Luxembourg real estate practice. Cox joined Linklaters in 2001, specialising early on in real estate law within the corporate real estate practice of the Brussels office. He has been part of the Luxembourg office since 2015. 

Real estate is becoming an increasingly important asset class, and the firm says that Anton has developed the necessarily wide range of skills based on his extensive experience in this field, from real estate acquisitions in Luxembourg -- creation of real and personal rights, assignment of immovable rights -- to financing related to these operations, environmental and urban planning, property litigation and the structuring of real estate projects and promotions.  The firm says that thanks to his knowledge and expertise, Linklaters Luxembourg can offer technically and commercially targeted solutions to their clients.
Anton also has extensive experience in the construction domain covering all aspects related to contract drafting, negotiating agreements with architects and contractors, and monitoring the participation in construction site meetings. His work has brought him in contact with some of the most important operations of the Luxembourg market in recent months.
Managing partner, Patrick Geortay, said he welcomes this appointment. "The appointment of Anton as a counsel is an acknowledgment by our global practice not only of his technical expertise but also of his capacity to develop the practice and its management, optimise records and his control over the commercial aspects of real estate."

IMS foodwaste

Inspiring More Sustainability (IMS) has launched a campaign to reduce food waste in corporate catering in the Kirchberg region, in partnership with Sodexo using four "test restaurants” who have volunteered for the challenge in the hope of educating employees and employers.

According to a study carried out in Luxembourg in 2016, 68,000 tonnes of waste and 31,000 tonnes of food waste are recorded each year in the Grand Duchy. If this tendency to over-consume and spoil is real, IMS has decided to tackle the issue by going directly to the heart of the problem within its main target, corporate restaurants which account for as much as 14% of food waste in Luxembourg. 

Four companies have agreed to take on the challenge to try to reduce their food wastage in April, namely The European Investment Bank, BGL BNP Paribas, RTL and the European Convention Center Luxembourg will see how they do over the month. 

These actions are part of the "Food Waste Zero" campaign, developed by IMS and in close collaboration with Sodexo.

Throughout April, IMS will support the evolution of food returns in the plateaus of more than 4,000 employees in Kirchberg. The first phase came to fruition last week and consisted of weighing discarded foodstuffs from cooking and returning dishes, before even informing the daily users of the existence of this campaign. 

In the second step, the objective is to encourage Sodexo staff to engage more with employees in order to ensure portions are correct, and to collect their feedback. 

Finally, a comparative weighing will be carried out, in the hope of a significant reduction in the percentage of foods that end up in the garbage. 



In order to inhabit the international market at a higher level, the initiative now has a new visual identity with an updated website (at in English, addressed to an international target audience, and designed to operate on all platforms and media. 

The site redesign was carried out with the support of the State Information Technology Center (CTIE) and aims to present the Government's initiative on the exploration and use of space resources at the Interested companies, the general public and the press both in Luxembourg and abroad.

It presents a lot of information on space resources and their commercial use as well as on the initiative launched in February 2016 by the Ministry of Economy. The new site proposes in its regularly updated "News" section the initiative's latest innovations  and the latest developments in the space sector.

A new promotional film highlights the vision of the initiative, and can be downloaded in high and low resolution under:

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