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VyzVoice Teams Up with ITENOS

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Luxembourg data management company, vyzVoice, has partnered up with Bonn-based ICT security specialist, ITENOS, in order to enhance their data centre infrastructure management services, while keeping an eye on sustainability. 

Continued growth in the demand for data facilities and services has resulted in rapid expansion of the number of data centres globally.

With data centres already consuming up to 3% of the global electricity supply and leaving a carbon foot print equivalent to that of the airline industry, effective energy management and increased use of renewables are key to supporting this growth, while also ensuring sustainability goals and regulatory compliance standards are achieved.

Analysis by the Borderstep Institute for Innovation and Sustainability indicates that, in Germany alone, data centres consumed a total of 12.4 billion kWh of electricity in 2016 – and consumption expected to rise to 15 billion kWh by 2020.

Demands for storage, availability and security have also expanded, along with an increasingly stringent regulatory environment for data privacy.

Combined with the potential for creation of new services, effective DCIM has become a key differentiator for data centre operators.

ITENOS currently operates four data centres in Germany. The vyzVoice solution for DCIM, is currently being deployed at all sites.

vyzVoice is being integrated into the existing infrastructure and provides data analytics across all levels of ITENOS operations, from the physical infrastructure management through to optimisation of energy consumption. The solution includes power and capacity planning capabilities and asset management of all hardware. Customised notification procedures and automation of processes ensure operational efficiency and optimal uptime. 

With this partnership, ITENOS will deliver vyzVoice solutions to its data centre customers, thereby providing advanced, integrated services across its entire ecosystem. “Working together’, says vyzVoice CEO, Robert Spicer, “ITENOS and vyzVoice have succeeded in advancing digital transformation, for data centres and their customers”, 

With customer-level, real-time, insights for energy efficiency and capacity improvement, ITENOS is leading the data centre industry by empowering its customers with the tools to make data-driven decisions.  

"In vyzVoice, we have found a competent and reliable partner," says Bernd Mitternacht, ITENOS CEO, "In a business environment where flexibility is an immense challenge, vyzVoice has demonstrated from the beginning what customer-oriented solutions really mean."


Luxembourg together with eleven private entities incorporated Infrachain a.s.b.l. yesterday, dedicated to leapfrogging the adoption curve of blockchain solutions in a trusted and compliant-aware manner. 

The private actors are a mix of larger and smaller, technical and non-technical entities that see business opportunities arising from a technology that provides substantial efficiency while creating new legal and business model challenges. The parties are InTech, LuxTrust, Telindus, Snapswap, Scorechain, KYC3, Bitbank, Grant Thornton, Abax Consulting, Deloitte, KPMG, and Allen & Overy.

Infrachain is a part of the Luxembourg ecosystem’s efforts to position itself as a blockchain competence hub and to attract the rare but much needed blockchain developers to the country. 

“The state is fulfilling its role as a kickstarter and a coordinator while leaving technological and commercial choices to the industry. With this project, we prove once again how Digital Lëtzebuerg can help our ecosystem by kickstarting meaningful projects in cutting-edge technology ”, said Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, who is also minister of telecommunications. 

While acting as a cross-industry effort not only focussed on financial services, Infrachain strives to build a common community blockchain-as-a-service platform able to bring the numerous blockchain proof-of-concepts into operations. By providing a blockchain-technology-agnostic governance layer on top of community-hosted blockchains backed by service level agreements, Infrachain can serve as a deployment infrastructure with the flexibility and legal framework of private chains and the transparent governance of public chains. 

“Being able to bridge the gap between the emerging blockchain technology and the regulatory and legal environment, is essential for the adoption of this revolutionary technology”, said Marco Houwen, Infrachain’s current project lead.


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A Southern Region Business Mobility Survey led by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure in collaboration with the PRO-SUD trade union, The Verkéiersverbond and Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER), and aimed at improving accessibility for employees living or working in the south of Luxembourg, is moving into its second phase. 

The first phase, which aimed at understanding general mobility conditions in companies, was launched in the autumn of 2016 and secured the participation of 23 out of 25 economic zones questioned representing almost 14,000 people.

The second phase will focus on employees, and as from 1 June about 14,000 people in the southern region will receive a questionnaire via their managers.

The authorities emphasise that the more people respond, the better they will be able to present the needed solutions.

This survey is complementary to the recently completed Luxmobil census, which is intended to provide an overview of the mobility of persons at national level. It is therefore recommended to participate, where appropriate, in both surveys.

Unilu ICT collaboration

The University of Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Institute of Standardisation, Accreditation, Safety and Quality of Products and Services (ILNAS) strengthen their collaboration in the field of Smart ICT and standardisation, inking their cooperation at a formal signing ceremony at the Ministry of the Economy yesterday.  

The university says that, following the launch of the University Certificate “Smart ICT for business innovation” in September 2015, the creation of a new Master’s degree and the development of research activities are on the top of the agenda. The existing Certificate is aimed at experienced ICT professionals and consists in a one-year programme hosted at the University and supported by industry partners as well as European standardisation organisations.

The success of the certificate and the need for qualified workers with ICT skills in Luxembourg indicates an extension of the course offer is called for. 

The partnership includes a preliminary two-year study to evaluate the feasibility and define the framework for a new master’s degree in the field. Additionally, the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) will become the research hub for all doctoral and post-doctoral activities in the extent of this agreement. Starting with the partnership signature for a total of four years, three PhD candidates and one post-doc will be conducting high-end research on the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Big Data.

During the ceremony, Francine Closener, Secretary of State of the Economy said, “Fostering the collaboration between research and standardisation in the field of ICT is key in order to lead the transition towards an interconnected, sustainable and resource efficient economy for Luxembourg”. 

Ludwig Neyses, Acting President of the University of Luxembourg, underlined the importance of proposing a comprehensive training offer and research activities in the ICT sector at the University of Luxembourg, while Jean-Marie Reiff, Director of ILNAS, focused on the growing impact and benefits of standards.

“Standards are essential to build the future of the digital world. Without interoperability, safety or digital trust, allowed through technical standardisation, Smart ICT components will not be able to prosper and benefit the economy and society”, he said. 

The signing ceremony was hold in presence of Francine Closener, Secretary of State of the Economy, Jean-Marie Reiff, Director of ILNAS, Jean-Philippe Humbert, Deputy Director of ILNAS, Yves Elsen, Chairman of the board of governors of the University of Luxembourg, Ludwig Neyses, acting President of the University of Luxembourg, Björn Ottersten, Director of SnT, Paul Heuschling, Dean of the Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication, and Pascal Bouvry, Principal Investigator at SnT/Director of Studies.

enovos cancer foundation donation

Energy supplier, Enovos Luxembourg S.A., maintained its support for the Cancer Foundation this year with a donation of €4,500 raised by the Relay for Life which donates €1 for every kilometre covered by participants in a weekend cycle tour. 

Enovos, represented by Mr Erny Huberty, head of the corporate marketing department, presented the cheque to Fondation Cancer director, Lucienne Thommes. 

The maintenance of the bicycles used in the Relay was supported by Andy Schleck Cycles in this 12th year of the event organised by the Cancer Foundation. 


 vdl prix

The College of Mayors and Aldermen and the Photographic Library of the City of Luxembourg were yesterday pleased to present the book published to mark the La Place d'Armes and the Circle exhibition to the winners of the competition organised under the exhibition.

The winners were Mrs Hélène Schmit, Mrs Renée Kugener-Lamesch, Mr Hervé Fayolle, Mr Fernand Putz and Mrs Chris Feith. 

The exhibition was in place at the Belle Etoile shopping centre between 2 and 11 February this year, and traces the history and the change over time of this important site in the heart of the capital through 108 photographs taken by individual authors, including Tony Krier, Théo Mey, Marcel Schroeder, Marcel Tockert, Edouard Kutter, Charles Soubry and Marc Wilwert.

The exhibition attracted many visitors, of whom nearly 300 responded correctly to the contest question, namely "In whose memory was the monument at Jan Palach Square erected?” 

(Answer: Edmond de la Fontaine and Michel Lentz).

jpmorgan u12s rugbytournament

Preparations are in full swing for the annual J.P Morgan U12s Rugby Tournament at Cessange on 27 May, with organisers expecting as many as 300 players to take part.

"This is our biggest event ever", said RCL development officer Paul Sweetnam. "We are expecting 16 U12 teams from six countries and anticipate over 700 people to be present on the day”.

Matches start at 10:00 with the final at around 14:30.  The tournament is then followed by RCL Seniors v German professional Club RG Heidelberg. 

More professional players will be on display this Saturday also at Cessange when the RCL Seniors play Heidelberger RK at 15:00.

20 May, 15:00  -- RCL v Heidelberger RK 

27 May, 10:00-15:00  -- JP Morgan International U12s Tournament

27 May, 15:00 RCL v RG Heidelberger 15:00


neil back

With just over two weeks to go before the start of the British and Irish Lions Tour to New Zealand, Rugby Club Luxembourg has announced Neil Back MBE as the special guest at their Annual Summer Ball on 10 June. 

The Lions Legend and 2003 World Cup winner will be speaking at Centre Culturel Schéiss in Belair for an evening that also includes a three course dinner, drinks and dancing.

Individual tickets, at €80, or tables of ten for the ball can be booked at:

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Steel produced by ArcelorMittal in Ostrava will be part of the tram cars transporting fans and players during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. 

ArcelorMittal Engineering Products Ostrava, a subsidiary of ArcelorMittal Ostrava, has won the contract to manufacture more than 1,000 axles for the new tram cars. 

“We have more than 60 years of experience in tram-axle manufacturing. We will have completed the production of all axles for the new type of tram that will be used during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, by November this year so that the delivery and assembly are completed in time,” said Daniel Doležal, sales and marketing manager at ArcelorMittal Engineering Products Ostrava.

The axles will be part of the new 71-931M "Vityaz-M" tram cars that will transport fans and players alike during the World Cup. The new, low-floor tram is an improved version of the 71-931 "Vityaz" model, and can accommodate up to 265 passengers. The axles manufactured by the ArcelorMittal engineering plant in Ostrava will be used for approximately 150 tram cars.

etienne schneider

Ahead of the Energy Council of the European Union in Malta today, Deputy Prime Minister Étienne Schneider wrote to the president of the Energy Council, Dr Konrad Mizzi, advocating against an easing of the efforts for recasting the efficiency directive (DEE).The minister is particularly opposed to removing the binding nature of the member states' objective to improve energy efficiency by 30% by 2030.

Highlight the role energy efficiency plays in poverty reduction and the balance of trade, the deputy prime minister in his letter to Dr Mizzi said, "In my opinion, it is necessary for the European Union to avoid softening efforts and slow down the momentum triggered ten years ago by the heads of state and government. By 2030 it is important to consolidate the rules that ensure transparency and security that provide planning certainty and encourage market participants to act efficiently.”

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