The International School Luxembourg (ISL) has announced that an Australian Theatre company will be performing at ISL tomorrow (Friday) evening, 9 March at 1900 in the US Auditorium.

The Australian theatre group, Backyard Theatre Ensemble (BYTE) is touring parts of Australia, Europe and Asia with their production of "Missing in Me".

Missing in Me is a new theatre piece devised by the ensemble and Joachim Matschoss with music by Ross Brooks, Matthew Baker and Matthew Ganton.

Missing in Me tells the story of Samira and her sister Tilly who surrounded by wealth and an absence of love. Samira has about to finish her schooling and tries make sense of what is ahead of her. The theatre piece deals with identity, parent-child relationships, love and what it means to be young in today’s times.

It is presented by BYTE (BackYardTheatreEnsemble), an independent company presenting theatre from and for young people. Missing in me is being presented on a bare stage with an ensemble of four actors/singers. They share their thoughts and their innermost feelings with the audience. This is a piece of theatre that includes sound scapes and original songs. It part comic, moving and thought-provoking.

Missing in Me premiered in Melbourne/Australia, before touring to China, Thailand, Singapore, Germany, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Joachim Matschoss is a poet and playwright from Melbourne/Australia. He has collaborated with UK based composers Matthew Ganton, Matthew Baker and Melbourne composer Ross Brooks on many projects.

BYTE (BackYardTheatreEnsemble) is an independent theatre company dedicated to devised issue-based work. The company has created work both in Australia and overseas.

Tickets are free and the performance is open to the public. No prior registration necessary.

Venue: International School Luxembourg (ISL) in Luxembourg-Merl

Organiser: International School Luxembourg (ISL)

Price: n/a

Reservations: n/a