On Friday 20 April, 2018, the inter-regional trending rock/pop artist Romy Conzen, from the Belgian Eifel region, will, for the very first time give a concert at the Rock Box in the Rives de Clausen in Luxembourg city.

Romy is a talented songwriter and singer, who fluently speaks four languages. So far she has released two CD-Albums, comprising her own creations ‘V for Victory’ and ‘Going Down’, two hits that attained 1st and 3rd respectively in Belgium's TOP 30 hit parade, in autumn 2017.

Romy's first album Black As Night was released in October 2012 on Roughtrade, to critical acclaim. Described as a sultry rock chanteuse style, it attracted radio play across Benelux. April 2017 saw the release of new album V for Victory, which was an instant favourite with Radio DJs across the Benelux. This album is composed of twelve original titles, amongst which nine are in English and three are in French. Every piece has its own musical identity featuring pop, rock and funk influences. The album also contains a song with an oriental tint and two acoustic works. The video clip of V for Victory, her first title in the album, was shot in Belgium and Holland. It also made waves internationally, getting airtime in the U.K. and screentime in the US. It was quickly acclaimed by the media and was aired on the most important rock and pop radio stations throughout Belgium. In Germany, the smart and attractive singer is already well known, singing now and then, e.g. in Aachen and Cologne, where she excites her audiences. Versatile, with a voice ranging from warm and husky in acoustic ballad Bitter Now, to rock goddess in V for Victory, Romy is the best thing to come out of Belgium in a long time. Whether up close and personal with just a guitar and microphone, or with her formidable backing band, Romy breathes new life into the live music experience.

Venue: Rock Box in the Rives de Clausen in Luxembourg city

Organiser: Rock Box

Price: Tickets cost €10 on pre-sale

Reservations: Tickets from​