On 25 April 2018, the Czech Ambassador to Luxembourg, Petr Kubernat, hosted an event at the Czech Embassy in Luxembourg-Limpertsberg which is based in the Batiment Pierre Werner, beside the Grand Theatre.

The Ambassador recalled that the building was purchased by the Czech Republic in 2004 and underwent a complete renovation prior to opening as an embassy in 2006. Six years later, in 2012, the embassy closed its doors, albeit only temporarily, as it re-opened in 2015 when the current Ambassador arrived in January of that year.

It is exactly one hundred years ago, in 1918, that Czechoslovakia was established, in the aftermath of World War I. Another historical date in the region's history was the Prague Spring in 1968; in 1993, the former country was split and both the Czech Republic and Slovakia were born.

That was 25 years ago, and both countries are celebrating this joint anniversary with a series of events both home and abroad, throughout 2018, with some joint events and some separate.

In Luxembourg, an exhibition will open on Monday 30 April until 18 May at the Maison du Savoir in Esch-sur-Alzette, entitled "Czech Technical Discoveries". The exhibition is being organised in cooperation with the National Technical Museum in Prague and the University of Luxembourg. One of the event's sponsors is Losch, importers and distributors of Skoda cars in Luxembourg (built in the Czech Republic).

Then, on Sunday 17 June 2018, the Centre Barblé in Strassen will host a concert featuring singers K. Bythnarova (Czech Republic) and D. Patz (Luxembourg) , with G. Brezocki (Hungary) on piano.

Later that month (provisionally Monday 25 June at the Abbaye de Neumunster in Luxembourg-Grund), a debate of Foreign Ministers of the Czech Republic, Luxembourg and Slovakia on "Prague Spring 1968" will take place in cooperation with the Slovak Embassy in Brussels and the Institute Pierre Werner.

On Monday 29 October at the Chamber Music Room at the Philharmonie in Luxembourg-Kirchberg, a concert of classical music will be held, featuring violinist Vaclav Hudecek and pianist Miroslav Sekera.

And, on Tuesday 20 November 2018, a literary event entitled "Anthology 'Many Faces of 1918'" is to be held, also at the Abbaye de Neumunster, at which the book of the same name will be presented, with poetry readings, etc. Many embassies are expected to be involved in this event (coordinated by the Austrian Embassy) which will ask what has the 100 years meant to the countries involved?

A number of other others are also being planned for the 25th anniversary in 2018, the details of which have not yet been confirmed - some regular and some one-off events, some of which will be cultural and some economic in nature/content. It is not only the Czech embassy in Luxembourg organising and coordinating these - there are around 2,000 Czech nationals living in Luxembourg, mainly here due to jobs at the EU institutions, with some also working for foreign banks (also as dentists, physiotherapists, etc.) - as the Czech Association here organises events, as does a children's group whose members sing folk songs and dance to the music. There is also a Czech drama group here whose performances are mostly in English, the Czech community also organises the Czech stand at the International Bazaar held at the end of November each year.

The Ambassador also mentioned that on 26 September, linked with the country's national holiday of St Wenceslas Day on 28 September, an economic presentation of one of the Czech regions - similar in size to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg - will be made at the Czech Embassy.

And, another idea still in the planning stage, is the planting of a "Friendship tree" to celebrate Luxembourg - Czech Republic friendship, possibly to take place in October / November close to the embassy and the Grand Theatre.

Full details of events will be published when known.

Venue: Czech Embassy, 2 Round-Pont schuman, Luxembourg-Limpertsberg

Organiser: Czech Embassy

Price: tbc

Reservations: tbc