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International Financial Centres Workshop

From Tuesday 02 October 2012 -  08:30
To Wednesday 03 October 2012 - 18:00


Details: The International Association of Financial Management (INTERFIMA) has announced that they are holding an International Financial Centres Workshop in Luxembourg on 2 & 3 October 2012.

The Luxembourg Chronicle ( is supporting this commercial initiative to increase the knowledge-base and skills-set of financial sector executives in Luxembourg.

The economics of IFCs are shaped by classical competitive advantage. The IFC’s banks have been more innovative because they have existed under the more flexible IFC laws and supported by a dynamic professional community. These differences form the environment for the innovation that allows for an attractive competitive financial center to emerge. In traditional banking and finance, these differences are disappearing. Consortia of powerful and less competitive nations are forcing IFCs to adopt their “world class” regulations, saddling the IFCs clients with onerous compliance measures while outright disallowing many advantageous features of their structure. We are all aware of this -- but it needs to be restated as a foundation. Yet the future is bright for those who choose to act.

There are coming advantages in many different tradition bound services such as education and medicine. There are many new ideas about the role international finance and innovative jurisdictions are going to play in the future of not just finance and governance, but in fields such as sovereign debt, and intellectual property and critical information and jurisprudence. And in the Internet and the innovations its is offering in the identification of new markets, the delivery of services and products, well its a great deal to look at.

Indeed the future is bright, but much work lays ahead.

Participants who complete this training workshop will be given a certificate of attendance issued by the International Association of Financial Management’s professional body while being awarded a full status membership to the organisation.

The workshop is tailored towards: government policy officers, financial professionals at senior management levels, legal prosessionals in finance, economics and intellectual property, Internet commerce professionals, banking processors, product development executives and business journalists.

Key aspects:

- competitive advantafes of adaptive jurisdictions

- understanding the economics of jurisdictional advantage

- how to build on comparative advantages

- expanding upon national skills

- planning for greater advantages

The course will be a mixture of short lectures, case studies analysis, open discussion and real life exercises for the audience on both an individual and team/group basis.

A maximum audience of thirty (30) delegates will be considered, enhacing interactivity between the audience and the course leader.

PROGRAMME (includes interactive discussion covering key features of the course proceedings)

- introduction by LFF representative

- history of IFCs and the origin of the foundations of the IFCs

- IFC finance in the last 20 years

- IFC - the beginning of specialisation - Branding

- IFCs - Parasite, Symbiont, Catalyst - Regulatory Competition

- What makes "home" as place not to conduct business and a remote OPC a place I trust more

- a hard look at the economic need for IFCs

- Makign the case for change

- the economic phenomena required for IFCs

- the creation of an enabling environment

- opportunities for the Economic need in finance

- The economic need for the IFC applied to other industries and services

- Ideal design of a governing body for each of these different innovations

The International Association of Financial Management, a global organization, provides financial training courses to professionals, institutions and corporations around the various locations it operates. Interfima presents programs in banking, insurance, capital markets, wealth management, risk management, project finance among others. Interfima mission comforms with the progress of our members, the organizations’ prosperity we serve, and the development of the communities and the markets we operate.

Venue: tbc

Organiser: International Association of Financial Management (INTERFIMA)

Price: Cost: €1,500 htva (or €1,250 htva early-bird offer up to 15 September)

Ticketing: See for the registration form which should be returned to


Info: For further information, please contact Mr Salvatore Genovese, Tel: 691-100770, email:


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