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David Goldrake’s ARCANA - Mysteries of Magic Tour

Friday 05 October 2012, 20:00

David Goldrake 2012 tour - 400

Details: "ARCANA – Mysteries of Magic" is David Goldrake’s new, spectacular full evening show that takes its audience on a journey through imaginative visions and tableaux. As if driven by the power of a magic pendulum, David manages to create a surreal place that lies somewhere between the world we call our own and a breathtaking world full of dreams and fantasies.

Employing subtlety and charm, David breaks down the barriers of the audience’s own imagination. The show is shaped by the artist’s physical and spiritual suppleness, married in perfect harmony with music and choreography. Classics of magic as well as innovative experiments in mind reading and escapology interchange to provide a pyrotechnic display of emotions, pictures and breathtaking showstoppers.

You will experience 100 minutes of exclusive illusions which David has created in collaboration with the best designers and inventors in the field of magic. Just like a story, this show unfolds in a magical choreography, starting with the creation of life. Before your eyes, David Goldrake will attempt a journey through time and defy the laws of gravity. After having mastered the elements, he will end the evening with a spectacular escape from two circular saws that will take your breath away.

David Goldrake belongs to the new generation of illusionists and presents a fascinating show that makes the audience forget time and space.

Venue: Trifolion Echternach - Centre Culturel, Touristique et de Congrès, 2 Porte St. Willlibrord, L-6486 Echternach

Organiser: David Goldrake

Price: 16€ (u16); 32€ (plus admin fees)

Ticketing: Tel.: 47 08 95-1 or

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