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Fête des cultures in Dudelange

From Saturday 06 October 2012
To Sunday 07 October 2012

Details: World cultures come together in Dudelange for the time of a weekend. For the 12th consecutive year, the Commission consultative d’intégration de la Ville de Dudelange organizes this musical, friendly and festive event, with the participation of over 20 local associations. Culinary specialties, exotic drinks, music performances crafts and products of the world will be waiting for you.

Bands like Nighthawks, Trio Macchiato, Havana Impacto and Lolamba will perform amongst others on the weekend of the 6 and 7 July 2012.

Nighthawks’ music can be described as groove relax, chill out or ambient, which are suitable descriptions to characterize the very particular musical style the trumpeter Reiner Winterschladen and multi-instrumentalist Dal Martino have created.
They have been inspired by the music of Miles Davis, Herb Alpert, Pink Floyd, Can and Massive Attack as well as by Arab, Latin American, Balkan, African and Asian rhythms and melodies.

Trio Macchiato play what can be called the music of the coffee houses from around the world. With great passion and humor, virtuosity and sensitivity, violinist Jana Mishenina, accordionist Jakob Neubauer and bassist Henry Altmann interpret in their own way the Argentine tango, the Italian canzone, the waltz, gypsy songs, oriental dances and countless other musical genres. In their most recent album and show "Orient Express", they offer a musical journey from Paris to Istanbul, linking cultures one finds on  the path of the most famous train in the world.

The influence of Caribbean music has grown considerably in recent years in Europe. Havana Impacato was composed out of this movement and grew up with the Caribbean music, to become one of the best salsa bands in Europe. The group already shared the stage with great names of Salsa, as Manolito y su Trabuco, Orquesta Arragon, Ricardo Lembo, Grupo Gale.

Lolamba is the name of the African percussion association that offers courses in the commune of Dudelange. The students of this association learn the traditional western African rhythms.

Venue: Place de l'Hôtel de Ville, in Dudelange

Organiser: Commission consultative d’intégration de la Ville de Dudelange

Price: free





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