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Conference on Low-Cost Airlines

Tuesday 23 October 2012, 18:30

Details: More than ever low-cost airlines are gaining ground everywhere. Luxembourg is not being spared by this phenomenon. Starting on 29 October, the low-cost airline easyJet will operate flights between Luxembourg and London in direct competition with the three other, traditional airlines on this route, including Luxair.
In close collaboration with the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF), the Civil Aviation Union of OGBL is organising a public conference on the development of the low-cost carrier models on Tuesday, 23 October 2012 at 18:30 at the Centre Atert, 28 rue d’Atert, L-8005 Bertrange.
Conference speakers: François Ballestero, ETF Secretary in charge of the aviation sector; Peter Turnbull, professor of Human Resource Management and Labour Relations at Cardiff University in London and author of an in-depth study about low-cost airlines commissioned by the ETF and the European Commission
o How does the low-cost model function?
o What is the difference between low-cost and traditional companies?
o What are the consequences of the low-cost model on social conditions in the aviation sector?
o What is the impact of low-cost companies on passenger and consumer habits?
These are but a few of the topics addressed in the study. The conference is addressed to aviation sector employees as well as to any person interested in the subject. François Ballestero and Professor Peter Turnbull will answer questions after their respective presentations.

Venue: Centre Atert, 28 rue d’Atert, L-8005 Bertrange

Organiser: the Civil Aviation Union of OGBL & European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF)

Price: free



Info: The conference will be held in English. A simultaneous translation will be available in French and German.


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